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AMUT -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
AMUT Recycling plant 1999-4
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Б/У Оборудование: - AMUT - - Ref.300028010

Технические данные AMUT б/у

Связаться с нами : 300028010

Год: 1997

Место нахождения: Africa

Брэнд: AMUT


Технические свойства:

Выходная мощность: 1000 kg/h

Последний переработанный материал :PE

Подходящая форма материала:Sheet we used to recycle cocacola HDPE crates with high production output around 1.1 ton/hour

Другие свойства:

1. about the washing line section

- The washing line need Average around 300 KW
-belt feeder 4000mm *1400mm wide
-conveyor belt 10000mm*1000mm
-slow hydrolic shredder with two hydraulic motors and 3 counter-rotating shafts equipped with knives with gullet made of special hardened steel
-decantation trough ss maded
-washing mill 133 kw 4 poles main motor with star-delta
-collection trough ss made with 11 kw pump
-centrifuge 59 kw rotor with paddles for material conveying force lubricating system+discharge cyclone
-rotary sieve ss made with 3 pairs of sieving discs with 0.5mm net 1.5 kw geared motor
-rinsing tank
-drainage screw
-centrifuge 55 kw
-drier 3 batteries for warm air 100kw +70 kw+40 kw with two blowers 15 kw
-pneumatic conveyor set of pipelines 160mm dia made of a.00 steel with noise-proof insulation with a blower 7.5 kw complete with sound-proof box
-main control cabinet ( remote control switches -plc-alarms-air conditioned into the control cabinet)
-sound-proof box for washing milling also electric wires- sheathing cables- connections- ducts-valves-pumps-all motor trade mark siemens

2. about the granulation section

- Pelletizing need an average of 350 KW
-silo 10 cu,meter capacity with divice to prevent material bridging driven by 7.5 kw geared motor -- screw extractor 200 mm dia
driven with ac driver min and max indicators
manhole--filtering sleeves
-crammer feeder
-180 mm single screw extruder with screw speed from 10 rpm to 100 rpm with dc motor 470 hp self ventilated motor
-vent system consisting of 5.5 hp vacuum pump
-oil powered screen changer
-oil power unit
-wet die-face cutting unit
-temperature control cabinet with no, 16 zones 9 zones for barrel and 7 zones for head ,die , screen changer, air conditioned the cabinet

3. about the bags filling section

-pneumatic conveyor
-silo with mixing screw 11 kw geared motor , manhole , filter , min and max level indicator , screw extractor 120 mm dia driven by kw geared motor
-bag filling scale 50 kg max aut stop at presset load complete with silo screw extractor 1.1 kw feed screw
-main control cabinet

Другие данные:


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