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Maszyna używana: Wytłaczarko – rozdmuchiwarka z głowicą akumulacyjną
UNILOY UMAD 50-150-2x4

Dane techniczne maszyny używanej UNILOY UMAD 50-150-2x4

Ref. 300028448

Rok: 2004

Lokalizacja: Europe


Model: UMAD 50-150-2x4

Status: zarezerwowany

Dostępność: Natychmiastowa

Specyfikacja techniczna

Acummulation head capacity : 5.6 l

Number of heads: 2

Material type:PE

Container size (max): 60 l

Number of stations: 1

Output capacity U/h or Kg/h:Kg/h 600

Extruder type:Accumulator 5.6 L

Number of extruders: 1

Screw diameter: 150 mm

L/D: 24

Wall thickness control: YES

Center distance: 650 mm

Inne specyfikacje

Date of start-up: 14-01-05
The extruder can transform any type of HDPE, including HMWPE in powder, with an HLMFI> 2 grs./10 min., and PP.
The extrusion capacity with HDPE grain (100 % raw; HLMFI> 15): 600 Kg/h.
Screen changer: Hydraulic.
Head: Double, with a distance between centers of 650 mm. The capacity of accumulation of every head is 4 Kg. (5,6 L.). The load synchronization in both heads is done automatically, by means of a servo valve and Moog cylinder, which opens or blocks the flow of material in each one of them depending on the position of the other one.

After the deflashing unit, the containers are extracted by means of a manipulator, with horizontal, rotary and vertical movements, so that they are placed heads up on the exiting conveyor belt


Machine ID.
• Model UMAD 50-150-2x4

• Width 7500 mm
• Lenght 10000 mm
• Heigth 5150 mm
Weight 38000 kg

Electrical installation
• 400 V
• 50 Hz
• Electrical motors installed power 251 kW
• Heating max. power 112 kW (3 phases)
• Total installed power 363 kW
• average consumption 240 kW
• Consumption 693 A

Oil system
• Tank capacity 600 l
• Max. pressure 140 ÷ 180 bar
• Electrical motor power 30 kW

Pneumatic system
• Pressure 5÷8 Bares
• Consumption 140 ÷ 180 Nm3/h
• Coupling 3/4”

Cooling system
• Consumption 45 m3/h
• Coupling 1” G
• Oil system cooling 228.200 kJ/h

Plastic unit
• Screw type MH.AHO.037
• screw tip type MH.AHO.041
• Screw diameter 150 mm
• Length 24 L/D
• 0 ÷ 47 rpm
• Extruder output 480 ÷ 550 kg/h
• Electrical motor power 205 kW
• heating zones 7
• Heating power 49,2 kW

• heating zones 1
• heating power 9,6 kW

Screen cahnger
• heating zones 1
• heating power 10 kW
• Manual

Accumulator Extrusion Head
• Output 4 kg
• heating zones 4
• heating power 17,1 kW
• Thickness parison control

Mould and blow unit
• oil operation moulds opening and closure
• Clamping force 600 kN
• Closure speed 350 mm/sec
• Column Plate Dimensions1180 x 940 mm
• Opening mould plates 970 mm
• Min mould thickness 140 x 2 mm

Pozostałe dane

Gwarantować:Bez gwarancji

Kondycja:Maszyna obecnie pracuje


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