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Használt gép: Filmbevonat növény - FRONTIER - CEB 500 - Ref.300031810

Adatlap: használt FRONTIER CEB 500

Ref . : 300031810

Év: 2011

Elhelyezkedés: US/Canada


Állapot: Eladó

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Műszaki Adatok:

Web Width max.: 838.2 mm

Egyéb adatok:

Custom slot-die coating production line that enables to produce highly engineered films for flexible electronics and displays, medical, aerospace, solar energy and optical devices.
This line is capable of processing many different polymers and additives and applies them to any flexible substrate.


WEB WIDTH: 33” (838,2mm) Maximum

COATING WIDTH: 32” (812,8mm) Maximum

LINE SPEED: 1 to 30 F.P.M. (0,30 – 9,14 m/min)

COATING TYPE: Precision Slot Die with Vacuum Box Assembly.

WEB DRYER: All stainless steel (2) zone 24’ (7,31mm) Drying Oven with Air Floatation on the bottom and Impingement Air on the top. The impingement velocity is adjustable. Nozzle distance to the Web manually adjustable from 1” to 6” (25,4 – 152,4mm)
Both zones have L.E.L. Monitors. Motorized Dampers with position feedback control air flow to the Zones and Exhaust. Re-circulating type Oven with electric heat. All Ductwork is double wall and insulated. Each Zone to be prewired to an integral electrical cabinet. A Steering Roll Assembly to be mounted at the Oven Exit to guide the Web through the Oven and forward. Maximum Oven temperature is 350°F (176,66ºC)

FESTOON OVEN ZONE: A Festoon type Oven Zone is included with 42’ (12,8m) of active drying. Total Web in this zone is approximately 50’ (15,24m). This zone to be all stainless steel. This is a recirculating type zone that uses the same blower skid and 36KW Heater as zones one and two. An Exhaust Blower is included.
Motorized dampers with position feedback control exhaust rate and box pressure. This zone does not include an L.E.L. Monitor. Maximum zone temperature to be 350°F (176,66ºC). An Air Bearing Roll to be located near the Web exit to enhance performance of the Steering Roll after this zone.

COATING STATION: Precision Coating Station with Vacuum Box Assembly. Vacuum range is 0 to 10” (0 – 254mm) water column. A 32” (812,8mm) stainless steel Die with Shim Package is included. Die to Backing Roll adjustable on each end with .00025” (0,00635mm)
increments. Linear Encoders display Die to Roll gap. The Coating Station will have two Servo driven rubber covered Pull Rolls. The Station is enclosed to prevent vapor loss. The Die is cored for heating. Heater will not be furnished.

UNWIND: Sidelay edge guided Unwind with closed loop constant tension control, closed looped to a Loadcell Roll. A Vacuum Splice Station and Pneumatic Web Clamp are included. Maximum roll diameter 24” (609,6mm). Cantilevered 6” (152,4mm) Unwind Shaft.

COOLING SECTION: A cool down section after the Oven includes (2) 12” (304,8mm)
diameter Chrome Plated Chill Rolls and a 6” (152,4mm) diameter rubber covered Pull Roll. These Rolls are Servo motor driven, closed looped to a Loadcell Roll to isolate Oven tension. Chill water by Customer.

SOLUTION PUMP CART: Portable Pump Cart with precision D.C. driven Metering Pump. Supply to Pump from Customer’s Solution Loop System. Controlled by TouchScreen.

REWIND: Sidelay Edge guided shafted Rewind with Pneumatic Shaft carried in Safety Chucks. Includes automatic taper tension control. A Pneumatic Web Clamp is included. Maximum Rewind diameter is 24” (609,6mm).

CONTROLS: An Allen Bradley P.L.C. is included for Logic and loop control.
A 17” (431,8mm) TouchScreen at the Coating Station.

CORE SIZE: 6” (152,4mm) at Unwind and Rewind.

Mixer and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer also included

UTILITIES: Electrical-480 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz
Air-80 P.S.I. Plant Air

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