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Használt gép: - LEONARD - EOC 105 - Ref.300032679

Adatlap: használt LEONARD EOC 105

Ref . : 300032679

Év: 1994

Elhelyezkedés: Europe

márka: LEONARD

Állapot: Eladó

Műszaki Adatok:

Egyéb adatok:

Description of the Spinning Lines

* Material common of the two lines A e B:

- Drying system of 400kg/Hour completed with:
- Drying Mod T400kg + 15KW – capacity 400kg/ Hour
Tem: 175ºc – 380Volts – 50Hz

- Desumidifer Munters Model MA 5.000 RBU/MS/FS
0,5 Kw – Resist – 62Kw
Nº Fabric 93D50/0346 50Hz – 380V

- Condenser – Flow – 3000 m3/H
Admission of Water – 15ºc
Way out of water – 10ºc

- Heat exchanger – Pression of the work – 1000m/m
Tempª: 120ºc

- Thermal heat resistances with 120Kw-Power

- System of Air Filters

- Packing and transport automatic system of POY bobins from Electro-jet.

- UTA – Treatment Air Unit AEL with 20.000 m3 / Hour for conditioning room
Mod: AEL 22.000 MC/H – Pont- 7,5Kw and 18,5 Kw

- Generator Perkins – Capacity 700 Kva

- Two Polymer Silos (AISI) 1- 60Ton / 1- 75Ton

- 1 pulseveyor for transportation of the chips of Pes from the silos to the produce zone

- 2 Air compressors of 9 m3/min and 4,5m3/min comingerssol and Atlas Copco

- 1 Air dryer – 120L/minute of comingerssol

- 1 Deposit for compressed air eith capacity of 2000L

- Line of production of desmineralizated water

- Line of water pumps for the air condition

- 1 calibrator Machine ECME

* Line A:

- Extruder EOC 105 ( 200Kg / Hour )
Motor: 92Kw / Resistence: 52Kw / Ventilator: 1,65Kw

- Manifold for Polymer distribution - Barmag

- CPF ( Fluid Dynamics ) on-line filter

- Three boilers with 12 end positins (6+6) Orlandi Impianti

- Boiler to produce diathermic vapour with 60Kw
Boiler: Orlandi Impianti
Temp. Progetto: 350ºc
Pression: 2,5Bar
Capacity: 850
Fabric Nº: 1088-1089
Cod: VSR
Pot: 60Kw

- Six air cooling individual boxes

- Six winding machines Cognesit F9C to produce maximum six bobins / each (maximum weight per bobbin 15kg) with individual regulation.
Model: GRC F9C
Year: 1994
Weight: 550kg
Maximum 5000 RPM Work

- One winding machine complet for reserve with the same caractheristics

- Six polymer pumps Slack & Parr of 2.4 cc/ rev.

- Six finishing oil pumps Slack & Parr de 0.6cc/ ver.

* Line B:

The same material of Line A but with a dosing Engine plast masterbatch system to produce coloured yarns.
Model: DE15
Pot: 0,18Kw
Capacity: 30kg/Hour
Reduce box : 1/60

* This Lines A and B Produce:

PES POY S.D. / RW / Bright / Dope Dyeing POY PES yarn

Titles: 105Dtex 24Ply / 36Ply / 48Ply

140Dtex 24Ply / 36Ply / 48Ply / 72Ply / 96Ply

160Dtex 24Ply / 36Ply / 48Ply / 72Ply / 96Ply

284Dtex 24Ply / 36Ply / 48Ply / 72Ply / 96Ply

500Dtex 24Ply / 36Ply / 48Ply / 72Ply / 96Ply

There are 1 Line that can produce D. Dyeing colours in the same titles.

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