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CLIFOM - EUROPA 20 / ESSE 3 / 1 PP - Used machine - MachinePoint
CLIFOM - EUROPA 20 / ESSE 3 / 1 PP - Used machine - MachinePoint
CLIFOM - EUROPA 20 / ESSE 3 / 1 PP - Used machine - MachinePoint
CLIFOM - EUROPA 20 / ESSE 3 / 1 PP - Used machine - MachinePoint
CLIFOM - EUROPA 20 / ESSE 3 / 1 PP - Used machine - MachinePoint

CLIFOM - EUROPA 20 / ESSE 3 / 1 PP - 2000 б/у

Упаковочная линия для бутылки вина и ликеры CLIFOM, Мы предлагаем качественный сервис купли/продажи б/у оборудования, включая все необходимы услуги для достижения успеха в ваших операциях.

Технические данные CLIFOM EUROPA 20 / ESSE 3 / 1 PP б/у

Связаться с нами : 300032779

Год: 2000

Место нахождения: Europe



Технические свойства:

Выход: 4000 U/h

Размер бутылки: 0,75

Материал бутылки : 20

Другие свойства:

Automatic filling and capping block brand CLIFOM
Product: wine, juice and still water
not usable for sparkiling or pearled wines
The filler works with low pressure and is suitable for still water and drinks up to 1,5 gramm Co2
Bottles: 0,2 - 1.5 L glass round
Production up to 4000 bottles h / adjustable infenitivily via Inverter
Closures: Aluminium Screw MCA 28 and Crown Cork,
Etiquetas: frontal,

Model: Europe 20/ESSE 3/1 PP, year 2000,
Capacity up to 4,000 bottles / h, adjustable infenitily via Inverter

Rotation filler with · 20 filling stations

Crown Cork Capper, 3 heads ·
together with feeding device for Crown Cork aggregate
Screw machine MCA 28 ·

Bottle diameter of 120 mm, 330 mm max bottle height
Bottle sizes from 0.2 to 1.5 L possible
0.75 L and 1 L available format parts
Control via Control Panel, feed pump control, pneumatic product inlet valve, feed snails, guide star, rear storage sensors and exhaust fan

Total weight of 3,500 kg, installation ready, best condition.

System is currently still in use, availability of approximately Mai 2015

Capsule distributor NORTON, year 2000, with capsule storage table,
Infeed screw, as well as format parts for 1 L and 0.75 L bottles
Built-in lock controller and heater shrinking pot.
Hourly throughput approx. 2,500 bottles,.

very good condition.

Другие данные:

Гарантия: Без гарантии


Kонечный продукт: Спокойное вино & Спиртные напитки

Использованные материалы: Стеклянные бутылки

Процесс: Filling

Применение: Пастеризация

    Сервисы MachinePoint:

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