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Б/У Оборудование:Экструзионные линии для ПВХ профилей - CINCINNATI MILACRON - CMT 80-L

Технические данные CINCINNATI MILACRON CMT 80-L б/у

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Год: 1995

Другие свойства:

Complete extrusion line with Cincinnati Twin-Screw Extruder conical Milacron CMT 80-L.

Work hours: 39218 h
D.C. shunt motor: 46kW


super conical, tightly intermeshing, counter-rotating, separating towards the top,
Diameter (min/max): 80/156 mm
Effective screw length: 1575 mm

Three-part model, No. of barrel zones: 4
Heating power of zones 1, 2, 3, 4: 15/9/6/2x3 kW
Cooling in zones 2, 3, 4

Vacuum unit:
Water supply from a central water manifold
Suction power of water-ring pump and a vacuum of 150 mbar: 67 m³/h

Overall Installed ratings: 183/202 kW/kVA

Dimensions & Weights:
Length: 4805 mm
Width: 1369 mm
Height, upper edge of hopper plus dose feeder: 2570 mm
Extrusion level 1100 mm
Hopper volume: 417 l
Weight (with dose feeder): 4730 kg


GREINER Calibrating table CAL-VAC 5P + Extension unit + Haul-off/ Saw - CAT-PUL 20

Table + extension length: 9900 mm

Voltage: 3x415V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Rating: 22KW
Amperage: 50A

Connection: 3/8”
Pressure: 6 bar

Inlet: 6/4”
Pressure: 1-2
Outlet: Durchm. 150
Waterpumps 2 pcs.: Luko C41 – 1,1KW, 380V, 5/2,9A, 50Hz, IP 54, 2900 U/min
Cyclonepump 1 pc.: Luko C41 - 1,1KW, 380V, 5/2,9A, 50Hz, IP 54, 2900 U/min

Vacuumpumps 4 pcs.: Siemens 2BV2071-1NH29-9P-Z: 4,6-5,4kW, 380-600V, 9,5-9,8A, 50-60Hz, IP 54, 2930-3530 U/min

Max. fuse rating: 63A

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