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Használt gép: Filmbevonat növény - KROENERT - RECO 800A - Ref.300035672

Adatlap: használt KROENERT RECO 800A

Ref . : 300035672

Év: 2003

Elhelyezkedés: Africa


Állapot: fenntartott

Hadd tudja, mit keres:

Műszaki Adatok:

Web Width max.: 1650 mm

Egyéb adatok:

Technical Data

Coating System 1 and 2
Machine type coating machine RECO 800 A
Commisioning of machine: Start 2005
Last production: 60g/70g paper
mechanical speed 700 m/min
production speed 600 m/min (the achievable speed depends on the material and the coating weight)
roller balancing speed 800 m/min
web infeed speed 15 m/min
working width min. 825 mm max. 1650 mm
web tension unwinder: max. 800 N rewinder: max. 1200 N

Coating Data
paper materials 45...70 g/m², BOPP
coating weight only for coating system 1: 1...1.6 g/m² dry, 30...40 % solid coating system 1 and 2: 0.5...0.8 g/m² dry, 30...40 % solid

length 33.150 m
width 7.5 m
height 5.4 m

Sound Pressure Level
acoustic emission max. 83 dB(A)

Connection Data
electrical equipment: according to IEC 38: 230/400 V, 50 Hz
power input approx. 480 kVA
compressed air pressure 0.6 MPa (6 bar)
compressed air consumption approx. 2000 l/h
cooling water temperature 15...16°C
cooling water consumption approx. 35 m³/h
dryer temperature max. 180 °C
steam pressure 0.6 MPa (6 bar)
steam consumption 1000 kg/h

type double-turning unwinder FSU 10 AG
unwinding principle shaftless, for flying bale change at production speed
FIFE web edge control unit

type RECO 800 A
coating principle pressure chamber blade MPG 600 (MPG = Multi Pressure Gravure; 600 = 6 o'clock position)
trihelical roller diameter 250 mm
backing roller diameter 250 mm
guide roller diameter 150 mm
Operational Data:
easy to clean compound supply system MFL
operating pressure hydraulic unit max. 12 MPa (120 bar)
Electric Data:
trihelical roller motor speed: 1750 min-1 power consumption: 25.0 kW
backing roller (sleeve) motor speed: 1750 min-1 power consumption: 21.5 kW

type DRYTEC Floatec Highdry 500
system suspension dryer
number of sections 2 x 3 sections
Operational Data per Section:
section length 3000 mm
heat transfer medium thermal oil
blower design radial flow compressor
number of circulation blowers 2
circulating air volume 42000 m³/h
nozzle outlet speed 50 m/s
installed heating capacity 200 kW
Electric Data:
power per dryer circulation blower 11 kW

Suction Roller 1 and 2
diameter 405 mm x 50°
Electric Data
motor speed 1750 min-1
power consumption 10 kW

Double Cooling Station 1 and 2
cooling roller diameter 2 x 560 mm
pressure roller 180 mm
Electric Data
motor speed 2 x 1500 min-1
power consumption 2 x 11 kW

type FSR 10 AF
unwinding principle flying bale change at production speed
Dimensions and Weights
length 3700 mm
width 5600 mm
height 2200 mm
bale weight 2000 kg
bail diameter 1000 mm
tube inside diameter 152.4 mm
Electric Data Drive Units
motor speed 2 x 1750...4000 min-1
power consumption 2 x 41 kW

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