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Machine Sold

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Used machine: Large Tonnage Injection Molding Machines - KRAUSS MAFFEI - 1600/12000/390 MZ Spin

Data Sheet of Used KRAUSS MAFFEI 1600/12000/390 MZ Spin

Ref. : 300035979


Year: 2006

Other Specifications:

Closing unit:
Magnetic clamping system: Tecnomagnete
Mould height min 2 * 662 mm
IMould height max 2 * 1162 mm
Opening Strocke max 4192 mm
Mold min size min. H "x" v: 1240 * 940 mm
Mold max weight: fixed + weight Pl. 15000/18000 kg // Turning plate: 2 * 7500 kg
Fixing Plate h * v Turning plate 1820 * 1380 mm
Centering flange DS Fest + Bew Pl. 120 mm // Turning plate: 250 mm
Centering flange sS Fest + Bew Pl. 250 mm // Turning plate: 250 mm
Thread in fixing plates: M24
Core pull automatic programmable

1st injection unit:
Screw type: HPS-M
RSP type: single ball
Hot-runner control points: 12 zones
Air ejector (DS / AS) 1 + 1
Pneu. Nozzle Control: Yes, cascade 4

2nd injention unit:
Screw: 35 mm
L / D ratio: 20 mm
Screw type: Standard
RSP type: multi-ball
Injection volume: 155 cm3
Injection weight: 141 g
Nozzle Strocke max: 161 mm
Injection pressure: 2429 bar
Nozzle pressure force 84 kN
Injection speed max 135 cm3 / s
Hot-runner control points: 4 zones
Air ejector (DS / AS) 1 + 1
Pneu. Shutter Nozzle Control: Yes, cascade 4 tray

Robot Krauss Maffei included
Control system: version 3.2.00
Year of construction 2006

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