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In an industry that day by day is increasingly more competitive, securing quality and increasing productivity are crucial to being competitive; and are the main reasons behind plant automation.

Automation technologies are created to reduce human intervention. This makes processes more secure by reducing human error and greatly increasing productivity. The advantages are obvious; from reducing production times, labour costs and errors; to increasing the control over the essential parameters and the quality.

MachinePoint Engineering beholds significant experience in helping processors in the dairy, beverage and agro-food industries to automate their plants and processes.

Our expertise in different automation technologies such as Robotics, Motion Control, Machine Vision, Integrated Manufacturing systems and PLC guarantees maximum security when it comes to strict food regulation rules. All our processes are automated according to USAS88a regulations, and vouch for a traceable and transparent production system.

We are proud to say that we are one of the few specialists that deliver turnkey projects for aseptic and hygienic plants for dairy, juice and agro food products.

Whether you are thinking of automating a single process or the complete production of your factory, please contact us for an assessment.

We offer a consultant service and on-site assessment, design and commission off all the systems and equipment required.

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