Engineering services for cheese plants
Cheese is made out of all types of milk: cow milk, goat milk, sheep milk. Please see how to process milk.

Also cheese can be made out of pasteurized milk or raw milk, depending on each individual country´s regulations as some countries forbid the commercialisation of non pasteurized cheese.

To produce cheese, milk is mixed with rennet or acid to form curds using a curd making machine.
Curds follow different types of processes depending on the type of cheese to be made, but generally they need to be drained, pressed, formed and stored, using different types of equipment such as cheese formers, cheese drainers and cheese block forming machines.

Other specific equipment is required to make cheddar cheese, powder cheese, liquid cheese, semi fresh cheese, semi-hard cheese, etc.

Once the curds have been transformed into cheese, the product follows the process to the packaging lines. Cheese can be packaged in carton, film, thermoformed terrines, etc.

Whey is a derivative product resulting from the process of cheese making. For a long time whey was not used for human consumption, but in recent years this substance has been used for food additives.

MachinePoint Engineering supplies cheese processing lines for: hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, cheddar, non pasteurized cheese, soft cheese, powder cheese, cottage cheese, pasta cheese, etc.

As a general rule the equipment necessary for a cheese plant is the following:

  • Curd production machines
  • Draining machines
  • Forming and Pressing machines
  • Brining machines
  • Cheddaring machines
  • Blockforming machines
  • CIP and SIP
  • Whey machines
  • Milk reception Units
  • Pasteurizers
  • Milk Standardization machines
  • Homogenizers
  • Packaging line

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