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MachinePoint Engineering supplies the Dairy industry with automation of processes, turnkey plants, complete line design, installation and commissioning. MachinePoint Engineering covers the entire production line, from milk reception and transformation processes to filling and packaging solutions.

We build complete plants and processes for the production of the following dairy products:

  • Milk: Fresh milk, UHT milk, ESL milk, sterilized milk, low fat milk, skimmed milk, condensed milk
  • Butter, raw cream butter, butterfat, sweet cream butter, cultured butter, why butter
  • Cream, clotted cream, crème fraiche, shmand, sour cream, table cream, whipping cream, double cream
  • Cheese, fresh cheese, mascarpone, hard cheese, semi hard cheese, semi soft cheese, cream cheese, sour milk cheese, pasta cheese, brined feta cheese
  • Baby Food
  • Others: Casein, Quark, Whey
  • Ice cream
  • Yoghurt, Kefir

As a company, we entered the dairy industry dealing with the aseptic process aspect. Our expertise and knowledge of this industry is highly specialized as we where one of the pioneer companies in Europe to install and automate dairies plants and processes.

The aseptic process is on of the most complex processes of the dairy industry. Our expertise and knowledge in this area is matched by very few companies.

If you are thinking of starting a new production facility or a new process within your plant we can help you.

Thanks to MachinePoint Used Machinery, who controls 80% of the used equipment currently for sale in Europe; access to good technology is now possible for tighter budgets.


Dairy processing

Equipment & Technologies

Aseptic technologies

Aseptic technologies

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Milk reception Units

Milk reception Units

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Sterilization technologies

Sterilization technologies

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Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

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Product Recovery Systems

Product Recovery Systems

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