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Dairy Processing

Dairies are those products derivative from the process and transformation of milk. The process´ that milk follows are several, and they vary depending upon the final product to be achieved: milk (fresh, UHT, ESL), cheese, butter, cream, powder milk, ice cream, etc.

Regulations on dairy products vary from country to country and they can affect the production process chosen. For example, in a lot of countries non pasteurized cheese cannot be commercialized. In the USA, the most marketable liquid milk is HTST, in southern Europe it is UHT and in northern Europe fresh milk is very popular. Nevertheless, the rules for sterilization and extended life preservation are more or less homogeneous worldwide.

MachinePoint Engineering has extensive experience in supplying dairy manufacturers’ new lines and automation of processes. Please have a look at this diagram to understand the different products that we can help you produce, and the technologies and processes that are used to produce them.

engineering for dairy processing

Aseptic technologies

Aseptic technology development has marked a turning point in the food industry. Thanks to these tech...

Milk reception Units

Cows are milked daily, hence milk is delivered daily to the dairies by refrigerated trucks. This mil...

Sterilization technologies

Sterilization is the process of killing, disabling or removing microorganisms. In the food and bever...


To reduce the transport costs for worldwide distribution, juices and sauces are usually concentrated...

Heat exchangers

A heat exchanger is a device built for the efficient transfer of heat from one medium to another. He...


Dairy Plant

Dairy processing

Meet us at:

Meet MachinePoint team at the Interplastica 2018!

Meet MachinePoint team at the Plast 2018. Lets talk about used machinery!

Meet MachinePoint team at the Anuga FoodTec 2018. Lets talk about used machinery!

Meet MachinePoint team at the BrauBeviale 2018. Lets talk about used machinery!

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