Essential oils distillation in citrics

Essential oils distillation in citrics engineering
In the extraction process of oranges and tangerines, part of the essential bark oil gets into juice occasionally reaching values above 800 ppm. These values vary depending on the type of extraction line used and the fruit size, with especially high values found in tangerine juice extracting.

To reduce the oil content in the juice we put the liquid through an evaporation process in a vacuum, and at set temperature conditions whilst pasteurizing. This facilitates the evaporation of the majority of the oil.
The gases resulting from this evaporation process are condensed and subsequently distillated to separate the water from the oil. The water is pumped back into the juice mixture to avoid loss of process performance.

MachinePoint Engineering delivers distillation lines for capacities of 6,000, 12,000 and 30,000 liters per hour. Lines for other capacities can be built upon request. Distillation systems are integrated into the sterilizer or can be provided as a fully independent control unit.

The oil obtained from our distillation lines appear colorless as they are drawn out in the right conditions. In other distillation processes, with poor conditions, the oil gets polluted with juice components and takes on a murky colour.

The uses of these oils are well known, they can be used in a wide variety of industrial and pharmaceutical fields.

Other features of our essential oil distillation systems are:

  • High Vacuum Operation
  • Vacuum pump liquid ring
  • Tubular gas condenser
  • Proportional level control evaporation chamber
  • Siemens S7 Automation
  • Optional HMI touch screen with graphics performance
  • Pump with speed control
  • Removal of condensate through a valve system (without pump)
  • Oil below below 200 ppm


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