Filtration system

Filtration systems have been gaining importance in the food and beverage industries, and are increasingly being used for several different applications.

MachinePoint Engineering supplies filtration systems for the purification of water, wine treatment, beverage filtration and other liquid filtration. We also pasteurize by using micro and nano filtration technologies.

Inverses Osmosis filtration

Water is needed for processing food and beverages, therefore a source of purified water is a must for every processing line. MachinePoint Engineering supplies inverse osmosis filtration systems for the generation of purified water to be used in the processing of food and beverages.

Our systems are made of stainless steel, as they are easier to clean than those built from PVC.

These systems are specially designed for the food and beverage industries and they can include other water treatment technologies such as chlorination, sand filtration, iron removers, deodorized, PH adjustment, etc. This means that any available water can be treated to obtain purified water.

Additional equipment can be added to these filtration systems: salt compensation systems, UV sterilization systems.

Micro filtration

MachinePoint Engineering supplies micro and ultra-filtration systems for the sterilization of wines, apple juices, grape juices, etc. When using micro filtration there is not heat treatment and therefore we obtain a product that maintains most of its fresh qualities.


Reverse Osmosis System Water treatment

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