Financing food and beverages processing plants
Whether you are a processor expanding your production capacity, purchasing just one machine or building a new complete factory, or you are an equipment supplier looking for ways to finance your products, MachinePoint Finance can help you out.

MachinePoint Finance helps companies in the plastics, packaging and beverages & food industries finance their equipment investments.

Financial products and equipment investments are both complicated issues. MachinePoint Finance has a profound knowledge of both worlds: we belong to MachinePoint Group, specialized in equipment solutions for the plastics and beverages/food industries, and we have also been helping banks and clients close financial operations for more than 10 years.

There are many different ways of financing your equipment: leasing, renting, L/Cs, promissory notes… Our partnerships with local and international lenders around the world will help us offer you a wide variety of financial solutions in different countries and our expertise in financial products will help you choose the right product.

Our aim is to find the best formula that better suits the profile of your company and your new project. For this purpose, we are flexible and creative, and we work in very close contact with our customers to understand the particularities of each project.

And this is something our customers appreciate, as we do speak their language.

MachinePoint Finance helps different actors in these financing deals:

  • Processors willing to expand their production capacity
  • Equipment suppliers willing to give financing solutions to their customers
  • Banks willing to secure machines to be financed and to valuate machines
  • Auditors willing to appraise machines

Our competitive edge lies in:
  • Our industry knowledge and our capacity to deal with the used machinery through MachinePoint Used Division.
  • Our capacity to provide repurchase and remarketing guarantees to banks for the financed equipment: banks will have lower risks since MachinePoint Used Division can guarantee the commercialization of these machines.
  • Our capacity to offer high residual values of the equipment leased by banks that come to maturity, and therefore, lower monthly installments.
  • Our partnerships with local and international banks and institutions, which allow us to offer competitive European rates to international customers all over the world.

Cesar Rodriguez, CEO MachinePoint Group, “5.000 companies consult MachinePoint every year about their equipment investments. MachinePoint Finance division has the objective to help these companies with their equipment financing needs”.

“For many years, MachinePoint has been assisting equipment manufacturers and distributors, and bank equipment finance departments with their financing solutions, such as term loans, leases, rentings or valuations”.

MachinePoint Finance aims to capitalize on both our specific industry knowledge and our partnerships with local and international banks and offer our customers a financing solution according to their very particular needs”.

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