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Food Freezing

Food Freezing

Filling and pasteurizing processes require refrigeration. MachinePoint Engineering integrates glycol water chillers of high performance - 1/6 efficiency -. We work with highly reputable chiller manufacturers.

We follow energy protocols when installing cooling towers. Fans and recirculating pumps are equipped with variable speed drives, and their consumption is adapted to the different equipment. High efficiencies and savings are reached - up to 80% in autumn and winter.

MachinePoint Engineering integrates refrigerating equipment into beverage and food processing lines, with the aim of optimizing energy performance.

Nowadays frozen products are of high demand. There are many various types of freezers: tunnel freezers, carton freezers, spiral freezers, etc. MachinePoint analyses the most suitable freezer for each individuals needs and integrates them into their processing lines.

For small processing lines, tunnel freezers are substituted for a refrigeration substance such as ammoniac or liquid nitrogen.

IQF freezing systems - Individual Quick Freezing

The idea of IQF freezing is utilizing liquid nitrogen as the freezing medium. As the product is loaded it is exposed to a spray of liquid nitrogen. Products are frozen instantly, and a very high freezing quality is achieved. For some products such as strawberries and raspberries, this is the only freezing processes applicable.

The system is very economical to operate. The only additional operating costs are that of the liquid nitrogen.

It guarantees a quality frozen product, novel presentation, enhanced portion control and ease of serving/preparing.


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