Fruit and vegetable concentrate and puree processing

Fruit and vegetable concentrate and puree processing
Fruit or Vegetables creams and concentrates are made out of fresh products. The idea is to be able to manufacture derivates from fruit and vegetables all year round, and not be seasonal like fresh fruit and vegetables are. This way soups, juices, creams, pastas, etc; can be manufacture along the whole year, by using fruit or vegetable pastes or concentrates regardless of the fresh product season.

Another objective of making concentrate is to reduce transport costs versus the fresh product transport costs. Concentrate and cream processing lines could be located more near the fresh products while products using fruit and vegetable concentrate can be located everywhere more near the local consuming markets.

Cream or concentrate processing lines start with the fresh fruit or vegetable washing, leaf cleaning, boning, enzyme deactivation and aseptic processing. From this first processing phase the result is a paste that passes on to the evaporation process where water is reduced from the paste and thereof the name of concentrate. A pasteurization process normally follows and then aseptic packaging. If the concentrate is going to be frozen, pasteurization normally takes place before evaporation. It is also possible pasteurize and evaporate at the same time. Combinations can be many and they depend upon the manufacturing process selected and the product recipe.

For example fruit cold extracting avoids pulp taste, smell and oils passing on to the concentrate paste and at the same time protects it with an inert atmosphere slowing enzymes activity and reducing the product oxidation.

MachinePoint Engineering delivers cold extracting systems that improve the fresh product organoleptic qualities and their performance.
For example, using cold extracting technology under an inert atmosphere in fruit instead of other existing extracting technologies, increases by 10% the final concentrate obtained, gives it a higher viscosity and 98% of processed fruit is extracted.
The cold extraction plants delivered by MachinePoint Engineering, increase the performance of other systems by using turbo pumps of great capacity and also improving the quality of the concentrate.

MachinePoint Engineering delivers equipment for the processing of concentrates, concentrated cream, aseptic pulp and chilled and frozen pulps.

The equipment is customized to each plant as needs and product to be processed vary from company to company. As a general rule a typical fruit or vegetable extracting plant can include the following equipment:

  • Storing systems
  • Slat Conveyer
  • fruit and vegetables washing machine - washer
  • Sorting Machine
  • Peeling Machines
  • Inspection Belt Conveyor, manual or with visual technology
  • Elevators
  • Destoner
  • Crusher
  • Fruit Mill
  • Pulveriser
  • Pulping Machine, Pulper, Finisher
  • Depoding machine
  • Press
  • Mixing and Blending Units
  • Vacuum Evaporator
  • Pasteurizer
  • Aseptic storage and filling systems
  • Filling and Packaging


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