MachinePoint Engineering

MachinePoint Engineering

MachinePoint Engineering provides consulting and engineering services to the dairy, beverages and agro food industries. Automation, plant design, general engineering services, New Product development consulting (definition of new recipes for industrial production), Microbiology and Aseptic consulting.

Engineering & Consulting Solutions


MachinePoint Engineering covers the entire production line, from milk reception and transformation processes to filling and packaging solutions. Equipment and processing solutions for the production of milk, milk derivatives, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream.


We supply from complete lines to single processes design, commissioning, start-up and training for the processing of: still and sparkling bottled water, juices processing lines, soft drink plants, Carbonated Soft Drinks plants, wine processing and spirit processing.

 Fruit & Vegetables

MachinePoint Engineering is an expert in helping agro-food processors in the transformation of their products. We design, build and commission complete plants for the processing of fruits and vegetables into a wide array of products: juices, nectars, concentrate, pastas and sauces, etc.

Equipment & Technologies

MachinePoint Engineering supplies equipment, complete plants and process solutions for the agro-food, beverages and dairy industries. We ensure optimum capacity and lowest maintenance while fulfilling an optimum hygienic process. Specialists in liquid processing tecnologies, drying and concentration, filling and packaging.

Equipment Technologies

 Equipment  Technologies



Expertise in different automation technologies such as Robotics, Motion Control, Machine Vision, Integrated Manufacturing systems, PLC. We automatize lines and processes from dairy, beverages and agro-food industries.

Aseptic technologies
Application of aseptic tecnologies to dairy, beverage and agro food industries. Different UHT, pasteurizers and heat exchangers. Aseptic processing, aseptic storage and aseptic packaging.

Automated Clean-In-Place, Sterilize-In-Place, Sanitize in Place and Clean-Out-of-Place solutions for the Dairy, Beverage and agro-food industries. System sterilization by steam or hot water. Chemical sterilization systems.

Sterilization technologies
MachinePoint Engineering manufactures various equipments to sterilized liquid and solid products. Heat technologies, filtration technologies, chemicals and others. UHT systems, Pasteurizers for liquids, pasteurizers for cans and bottles.

Filtration systems
Filtration systems for the purification of water, wine treatment, beverages filtration and other liquids filtration. We also pasteurize by using micro and nano filtration technologies.

Extracting lines
Hot extraction technologies, Cold extraction technologies Extracting lines for fruits and vegetables to process fresh products into concentrate or puree.

Heat Exchangers

We manufacture various types of heat exchangers of top quality: Tubular heat exchangers, Shell and Multi tube heat exchangers, Annular heat exchangers, Scraped surface heat exchangers, Plate heat exchangers.

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