Horchata processing

Horchata processing equipment
Horchata is a typical drink from eastern Spain. Its produced from ground tigernuts or almonds, with a texture that is resemblant of a dairy product. It is a drink rich in minerals and vitamins.

The production process; from the extraction of the fat from the nut, to the preperation and sterilization; is critical to the outcome of the Horchata. The slightest inadequate step throughout the process, and the end product is ruined.

MachinePoint Engineering provides the lines for the complete process of producing Horchata, from the extraction and filtration right through to the stabilisation and sterilisation of the final product.

The process begins with the washing and the re-hydrating of the almonds or tigernuts. Once the nuts are clean and disinfected, they go through a process of rehydration which lasts for several hours.

Afterwards, the ground nuts are combined with water; and crushed, ground until you are left with a rich liquid with a milky colour.

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