Industrial Financial tools

Short-term financing (up to 2 years)

Usance Letter of Credit
Documentary credit that requires payment up to 2 years after the appropriate documents are presented. Our bank will finance the operation, and your local bank will secure it.

Promissory Note
Negotiable instrument that contains a written promise to repay a debt up to 2 years after having shipped the machine, through a specified series of payments.

Medium-term financing (from 3 to 7 years)

Capital Lease
The buyer will rent the machine with the option to buy it at the end of the financing period for a small fee (normally, one monthly instalment). Suitable for buyers willing to keep the ownership of the machine at maturity.

Operating Lease
The buyer will rent the machine, will receive maintenance services, and will normally pay lower monthly instalments, but the machine will have a higher residual value at maturity. Suitable for newer machines in rapidly changing markets.

Line of Credit
One of our global partner banks will offer a line of credit directly to the buyer, if and only the export credit agency of the country of the manufacturer will provide the credit insurance.

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