Milk reception Units

Milk reception Units
Cows are milked daily, hence milk is delivered daily to the dairies by refrigerated trucks.

This milk needs to be stored at the dairies for anything from a couple of hours to a few days (for example weekends), before passing on to the processing and packaging line. Due to the high content of microorganisms in milk, it is necessary to pasteurize it and use refrigerated storage.

MachinePoint Engineering milk reception systems consist of a plate pasteurizer to reduce the amount of microorganisms in milk. Subsequently, milk is cooled and maintained at temperatures below 4 ° Celsius in insulated tanks.

Although milk is delivered in a short period of time, the processing and packaging of milk can take up to and over 24 hours. This means that there is a high demand for refrigeration during the delivery times. For those plants that do not have large-scale refrigeration equipment, we install ice brine ponds or ice ships that can be used when there is a high demand for refrigeration during the milk reception hours.

Milk reception systems, storage tanks, cooling systems, piping, etc, should be properly cleaned by a CIP system to guarantee process hygiene. CIP systems are usually automated into the production process so milk reception, pasteurization, storage, is all automated and monitorized. Companies that want the FDA 3A y EHEDG certificates need to have all their systems automated.


Milk Reception Units
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