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Product Recovery Systems

Product Recovery Systems

In the pasteurization and aseptic packaging systems there is a lot of product waste when starting and stopping the systems. This is even more perceivable when we are talking about smaller batch productions typically use for sauces and creams. A product recovery system will recover that residual product left behind the lines after your process.

MachinePoint Engineering provides equipment a product recovering system in sterile conditions that reduces product waist up to only 10 liter. After our product recovery systems are installed produce waist is reduce up to 10% of the waist without the system. Our products recovery systems will increase product yields are reduce CIP costs.

Product recovery system for high viscosity liquids (Pig)

For those products with a high viscosity (such as mayonnaise and creams) we use the the so called PIG systems.

MachinePoint Engineering provides PIG systems in sterile conditions solutions. Our Pig systems recover product in mono tubular pasteurizers, generally used for mayonnaise, sauce and cream pasteurization.

We are one of the very few companies in the world that can provide you with sauces and creams pasteurizers with an integrated PIG aseptic recovery system.


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