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Soup making machines and engineering services
Ready made soup has become a popular product in today’s consumer markets. Soup and soup stock can be found in two main formats: powder or liquid. MachinePoint Engineering specializes in the latter; in the installation and production of plants for the manufacturers of liquid soup: Meat and vegetable soups, cold soup, dessert soups, fish soups, broths, noodle soups, potages, bisques, chowders, stocks, cream soups, fermented soups, pureed soups, consommé, etc.

Soup can be packaged in many different forms: cans, bricks, jars, fill & seal packaging, etc. MachinePoint Engineering covers the entire chain of soup production, from the production through to the packaging process.

Liquid soup manufacturers tend to buy the ingredient either frozen, dehydrated, concentrated or in aseptic packaging.

Broadly speaking, we can describe the soup making process as follows: first the ingredients need to be pretreated according to each soup recipe: defrosting, milling, unsalted, crushing, etc. Ingredients are then mixed, more often than not using a batch mixing method, with preservatives added at this stage if required. The mixture is then either pasteurized, UHT or sterilized depending on the soups characteristics and its PH. Finally the liquid follows to the filling and packaging lines. Packaging can be done in hot packaging or ultra clean packaging.

As a general rule a typical soup making plant can include the following equipment:

Cutting machines
Artificial vision inspection
Peeling machines
Milling machines
Enzyme activators
Mixing units
Aseptic filling

Equipment & Technologies

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