Exotic and Tropical food processing: Mango processing, banana processing, pineapple processing

Tropical fruit processing machines
MachinePoint Engineering has been expanding its knowhow to South America, Africa and Asia over the last decade. Our team has experience in building plants and processes in these areas sometimes under extreme working conditions, due to the location of the raw products. Our team takes care of every aspect; from single processing lines, to complete turnkey projects with civil planning and utilities set up. See complete turnkey projects.

MachinePoint Engineering supplies processing lines for the following products: mango, pineapple, papaya, coconut, passion fruit and guava.

Mango processing

Mango processing is a fruitful business in South and Southeast Asia and also in South America, due to extensive mango production and its popularity.

MachinePoint Engineering implements customized mango processing lines which allow mango producers and manufacturers to obtain maximum yield out of the fresh mango with the lowest percentage of waste product.

The Mango can be processed into: mango concentrate, mango puree, mango nectar, mango fresh juice, fresh mango.

Mango has its particularities and needs to be harvested unripe. For processing purposes, the mango should be left to ripen once harvested. Peel can be up to 25% of fresh fruit depending on the mango size. Different processing technologies will be used depending on the final product that wants to be obtained.

Pineapple processing

Pineapple juice has become very popular worldwide and it ranks high with orange, apple and grapefruit.

Some Asian and South American countries are big exporters of pineapple products, mainly of canned pineapple, pineapple concentrate and fresh pineapple.

MachinePoint Engineering sets up pineapple processing lines for pineapple concentrate and canned pineapple production. Both lines are normally combined as the best pineapple is used for canning and fresh distribution, and the juice becomes a byproduct of this process. Lower quality fresh pineapple is used for juice and pineapple concentrate production.

Maximizing pineapple yield is MachinePoint Engineering aim when building a process.

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