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MachinePoint Engineering has undertaken several projects outside of Europe to produce bottled water; transforming impure water from different sources into water that is suitable for human consumption: mineral water, purified water, sparkling water, spring water, sterile water and well water.

MachinePoint Engineering takes care of the whole project, from the civil engineering and plant design, to supplying all the required lines for processing and packaging, to the final commissioning, training and maintaining services.

Sometimes the locations that need to be reached in order to access mineral water can make for complicated and challenging projects. MachinePoint Engineering has experience in building mineral water processing plants in the most remote locations. Thanks to our solid infrastructure, we have made these types of projects possible.

Bottled or packed water is the most common way of distributing drinkable water in most parts of the world. MachinePoint Engineering sets up complete water plants: from the process of purifying water for human consumption, to its packaging for easy distribution.

The process of purifying water varies upon the source of the water: from a dump, a river, lake or a natural source for example. Then the method of treatment will be chosen depending on the type and quality of water that wants to be achieved.

Some of the technologies that MachinePoint Engineering applies to the water purification are: distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, micro filtration, nano filtration and other suitable processes such as: sand filtration to remove insoluble solids, active carbon filtration to remove color and membrane filtration to reduce dissolved salts and organic matter. Ion exchange techniques may be used to soften the water or reduce its alkalinity. Chlorination, ultraviolet sterilization, dosage of chlorine dioxide in systems free of Amines, etc.

MachinePoint Engineering also manages the water packaging process, and can accomodate for all different types of packaging: tetrapak carton packaging, pet bottles, jerrycans, etc. Please see filling and packaging.

It is necessary in most beverages and food factories to develop a parallel water processing plant so that water can be used for the production of beverages and food. Water quality is a high priority in the production of beverages and packaged food as it makes a vast amount of difference to the end product. Most of the water produced for the manufacturing of food and beverages is done using osmotic filtering. MachinePoint Engineering supplies filtering technologies.


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