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Events and Trade shows 2013

Tradeshow Name Country Start date End date
Arabplast 2013 ( )United Arab Emirates07/01/201310/01/2013
China Brew and Beverage Technology Innovation Congress 2013 ( )China17/01/201318/01/2013
China Brew and Beverage Technology Innovation Congress 2013 ( - - Beverages )China18/01/201321/12/0108
Interplastica Kiev ( )Ukraine22/01/201325/01/2013
IRE India Rubber Expo Kolkata ( )India22/01/201324/01/2013
Bangladesh Int'l PlasticsBangladesh23/01/201326/01/2013
Packaging Innovations London ( )United Kingdom23/01/201324/01/2013
Packaging InnovationsHamburg ( )Germany23/01/201324/01/2013
Interplastica Moscow ( )Russian Federation29/01/201301/02/2013
Upakovka Moscow ( )Russian Federation29/01/201301/02/2013
Plastec West Anaheim ( )United States12/02/201314/02/2013
WestPack Anaheim ( )United States12/02/201314/02/2013
Machinex Arabia Jeddah ( )Saudi Arabia18/02/201321/02/2013
Packaging Innovations Barcelona ( )Spain20/02/201321/02/2013
Plast Novi Sad ( )Serbia20/02/201322/02/2013
Plastasia Bangalore ( )India22/02/201325/02/2013
Expo Pack Guadalajara ( )Mexico27/02/201301/03/2013
Packaging Innovations Birmingham ( )Spain27/02/201328/02/2013
Packtech Birmingham ( )United Kingdom27/02/201328/02/2013
Polyurethanex Moscow ( )Russian Federation28/02/201301/03/2013
China Drink Guanghzou ( )China04/03/201306/03/2013
Sino-Pack Guangzhou ( )China04/03/201306/03/2013
International Fair of Plastics & Rubber ProcessingPoland05/03/201307/03/2013
Plast Sofia ( )Bulgaria06/03/201308/03/2013
Plastec South Orlando ( )United States06/03/201307/03/2013
Detrop Thessaloniki ( )Greece07/03/201310/03/2013
Cfia Rennes ( )France12/03/201314/03/2013
Plastimagen Mexico City ( )Mexico12/03/201315/03/2013
Pro-Plas Expo South AfricaSouth Africa12/03/201315/03/2013
Pro 2 Pac ( )United Kingdom17/03/201320/03/2013
ICE Europe Munich ( )Germany19/03/201321/03/2013
Eurostampi Parma ( )Italy21/03/201323/03/2013
PlasticExpo Parma ( )Italy21/03/201323/03/2013
Food IndustryBelarus02/04/201305/04/2013
Ipack Uzbekistan Tashkent ( )Uzbekistan03/04/201305/04/2013
Plastex Tashkent ( )Uzbekistan03/04/201305/04/2013
Tiprex Bangkok ( )Thailand03/04/201306/04/2013
SinoCorrugated 2013 ( web ref. )China08/04/201311/04/2013
Djazagro ( )Algeria09/04/201312/04/2013
EMAQH Buenos Aires ( )Argentina09/04/201313/04/2013
Epla Poznan ( )Poland09/04/201311/04/2013
FilmTech Japan Tokyo ( )Japan10/04/201312/04/2013
Plastic Japan Tokyo ( )Japan10/04/201312/04/2013
Plastteknik Malmö ( )Sweden10/04/201311/04/2013
International Converting Exhibition 2013 ( )United States09/04/201311/04/2013
International Converting ExhibitionUnited States09/04/201311/04/2013
Verpackung Schweiz Zurich ( )Switzerland17/04/201318/04/2013
Food Industry Krasnodar ( )Russian Federation18/04/201320/04/2013
USETEC 2013 ( )Germany22/04/201324/04/2013
PLASTIC EXPOTunisia24/04/201327/04/2013
Tires & Rubbers Moscow ( )Russian Federation24/04/201327/04/2013
IFFA ( web ref. )Germany04/05/201309/05/2013
FOOD TECH EGYPT 2013Egypt03/05/201305/05/2013
Plastpol Kielce ( )Poland07/05/201310/05/2013
Interpack Processes and Packaging ( )Germany08/05/201314/05/2014
Converflex MilanoItaly07/05/201311/05/2013
Guangshou Wood-Plastic compesites Faire Guangshou ( )China09/05/201311/05/2013
CIFE China International Foodstuff Exposition Guangzhou ( )China10/05/201312/05/2013
Expoplast Toronto ( )Canada14/05/201316/05/2013
PACKEX ( )Canada14/05/201316/05/2013
Plast-Ex Toronto ( )Canada14/05/201316/05/2013
PRINTTEK 2013 ( )Turkey17/05/201322/05/2013
Chinaplas Guangshou ( )China20/05/201323/05/2013
Chinaplas Shanghai ( )China20/05/201323/05/2013
Feiplastic Sao Paulo ( )Brazil20/05/201324/05/2013
Food Technology Chisinau ( )Moldova22/05/201326/05/2013
Ipack Caspian Baku ( )Azerbaijan22/05/201324/05/2013
Packaging Depot Chisinau ( )Moldova22/05/201326/05/2013
Plastics Printing Packaging Dar es Salaam ( )Tanzania24/05/201326/05/2013
Plastics Printing Packaging Nairobi ( )Kenya24/05/201326/05/2013
International Plastic & Packaging Technology FairTurkey23/05/201326/05/2013
Iran Food +bev tec Tehran ( )Iran26/05/201329/05/2013
Tripoli International Foodpack Fair Tripoli ( )Libyan Arab Jamahiriya03/06/201306/06/2013
Total Processing & Packaging ( )United Kingdom04/06/201306/06/2013
Packaging, Plastics, Mould & Die Machinery Surabaya ( )Indonesia12/06/201315/06/2013
Plasticos Buenos Aires ( )Argentina12/06/201315/06/2013
Propak Asia 2013 ( )Thailand12/06/201315/06/2013
EastPack Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ( )United States18/06/201320/06/2013
Expo Pack Mexico City ( )Mexico18/06/201321/06/2013
Plastec East ( )United States18/06/201320/06/2013
plast expo Casbalanca ( )Morocco19/06/201322/06/2013
InterPlas Thailand Bangkok ( )Thailand20/06/201323/06/2013
Fispal Tecnología ( )Brazil25/06/201328/06/2013
Composites China Shanghai ( )China02/07/201304/07/2013
China BevTek Shanghai ( )China17/07/201319/07/2013
Propak China Shanghai ( )China17/07/201319/07/2013
Envase 2013/Alimentek ( )Argentina06/08/201309/08/2013
Pack Print International ( )Thailand28/08/201331/08/2013
Applas Shanghai ( )China03/09/201306/09/2013
CPM-China Plastics Materials Tianjin ( )China03/09/201306/09/2013
Plastec Helsinki ( )Finland03/09/201305/09/2013
Plastex Central Asia Almaty ( )Kazakhstan03/09/201309/09/2013
InterPlas Vietnam Hanoi ( )Vietnam04/09/201306/09/2013
Riga Food 2013 ( web ref. )Latvia04/09/201307/09/2013
iftech food+bev tec Pakistan Lahore ( )Pakistan05/09/201307/09/2013
Ipack Istanbul ( )Turkey05/09/201308/09/2013
Plasti & Pack Lahore ( )Pakistan05/09/201307/09/2013
InProdMash Kiev ( )Ukraine10/09/201312/09/2013
Plastec Midwest Chicago, Illinois ( )United States10/09/201312/09/2013
Upakovka Kiev ( )Ukraine10/09/201312/09/2013
Eurasia Packaging Istanbul ( )Turkey12/09/201315/09/2013
Istanbul Food-Tech Istanbul ( )Turkey12/09/201315/09/2013
Saudi Agro-Food Riyadh ( )Saudi Arabia15/09/201318/09/2013
Drinktec 2013 ( )Germany16/09/201320/09/2013
PETpoint Munich ( )Germany16/09/201321/09/2013
Tube Southeast ASIA Bangkok ( )Thailand17/09/201319/09/2013
Drink Tech Asia ( )Pakistan21/09/201323/09/2013
Pack Expo Las Vegas, Nevada ( )United States23/09/201325/09/2013
Cfia Casablanca ( )Morocco25/09/201327/09/2013
Kunststoffen Veldhoven ( )Netherlands25/09/201326/09/2013
Packtech Expo Balkan Belgrade ( )Serbia25/09/201328/09/2013
Agro Sud Industrie Toulouse ( )France01/10/201303/10/2013
3P Expo Johor Bahru ( )Malaysia05/10/201307/10/2013
Anuga Drinks ( )Germany05/10/201309/10/2013
Agroprodmash Moscow ( )Russian Federation07/10/201311/10/2013
Umex Mumbai ( )India10/10/201312/10/2013
K 2013 ( )Germany16/10/201323/10/2013
Drinks Pridhtina ( )Kosovo23/10/201326/10/2013
Ipmex Malaysia Kuala Lumpur ( )Malaysia24/10/201327/10/2013
Ipack Siberia Novosibirsk ( )Russian Federation29/10/201301/11/2013
Plastex Siberia Novosibirsk ( )Russian Federation29/10/201301/11/2013
All Pack Bucharest ( )Romania30/10/201303/11/2013
Plastex Ukraine Kiev ( )Ukraine31/10/201301/11/2013
Process Expo Chicago, Illinois ( )United States03/11/201306/11/2013
Andina-Pack Bogota ( )Colombia12/11/201315/11/2013
SIMEI ( )Italy12/11/201316/11/2013
13th China International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition ( )China13/11/201315/11/2013
DMD Part 2 Dongguan ( )China13/11/201316/11/2013
FHC China Shanghai ( )China13/11/201315/11/2013
Midest Paris ( )France19/11/201322/11/2013
China International Beverage Industry Exhibition On Science and Technology ( )China20/11/201322/11/2013
Plastics and Rubber Indonesia Jakarta ( )Indonesia20/11/201323/11/2013
Propak Indonesia Jakarta ( )Indonesia20/11/201323/11/2013
Plast Eurasia Istanbul ( )Turkey05/12/201308/12/2013
Plastivision India ( )India12/12/201316/12/2013

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