How do we work?

From inspection to delivery ensuring overall smooth operations

MachinePoint Used Machinery has managed to create a brand that stands for professionalism and reliability.

Buying and selling safe and secure is possible through us, thanks that we do follow a strick methodology to guarantee buyer, sellers, OEMs and MachinePoint rights at any moment during the transaction.

MachinePoint trades machinery; this means that we do not usually store them, but rather that the machines are kept at the sellers´ factories up until they are bought. This simultaneously reduces logistics-related costs and maintains the value of the machines by keeping them in production.

We offer an all-inclusive service. This means we take care of the entire process; machinery promotion, inspections, travel documents and visas for visits, negotiations with buyers and sellers; and once everything is organized we purchase the machine(s) and take care of all added services.

Our machinery experts inspect a lot of the machines personally, and follow a rigorous audit process to select only the best ones. This means that out of the 2000 machines that we promote, you are looking at a selection of the best used machines on the market at any given moment.

You will personally be assigned a contact sales person within MachinePoint according to both your machinery needs as well as your geographical location and language needs. This sales person will be your contact within our organization and will manage the whole project with you, and for you. They will assist you in all the steps necessary to buying or selling your equipment through us.

We understand that Equipment and Investment information is highly confidential for most companies. In this regard we have invested heavily in developing an IT platform that allows us to manage all information and projects with maximum care. This platform has also been developed to facilitate the project management of our transactions.

At MachinePoint we monitor and record every single step of the sales process and machinery. Contracts are signed for at every step along the project so that the interests of the buyer, seller, and MachinePoint are covered at all times; guaranteeing quality, dates, payments and confidentiality.

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