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Used machine: Side weld bag making machine LEMO - CapMat u 850

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Side weld bag making machine - LEMO - CapMat u 850

Data Sheet of Used LEMO CapMat u 850

Ref. : 300033546

Brand: LEMO

Year: 2012

Other Specifications:

High Performance Bag Making Line for the production of Side weld bags

equipped with:
- Servo drive technology
- COMPUTRONIC function control
- Main operation by touch screen
- Product data memory and order repeat

Materials: LD-PE (max 30%LLD-PE)
Plastic type bag: mail bag
Final positioning of the bags: table
Useable sealing and cutting width: see max. bag height
Bag width (draw length): 80 - 800 mm
Bag height: 120 - 850 mm

Film thickness: min 30micron; max 70micron
Bottom gusseting: No
Side gusseting: No
Production: min15m/min ; max 85m/min
Cycle speed (mechanical layout, without film): max. 250 cpm

Output (effective): depending on product specification,
dimensions, type, thickness and
quality of film, static charging, printing,
number of bags per stack
Sealable film quality and thickness:
LD-PE (max. 30% LLD-PE) 30 - 70 ìm
Customer film contains up to 35% Calcium Carbonate

Robatech glue system will take permanent and resealable glue.

Mother roll width: 1600mm
Unwind shaft: Pneumatic
Mother roll diameter: ø1200mm
Web guide: Yes
Sealer/Longitudinal: Yes
Photoelectric cell control: Yes
Sealing bar: Side
Control panel: B+R
Electrical usage: 25kVA
Air pressure: 7-10bar
Punching unit: Yes, Servo
Trim removing system: Yes
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