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Használt gép: Komplett Can töltősorok - CROWN CENTURY - 72 valves - Ref . : 300034312

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CROWN CENTURY - 72 valves - Used machine - MachinePoint

Adatlap: használt CROWN CENTURY 72 valves

Ref . : 300034312


Év: 1991

Egyéb adatok:

Complete plant for CSD - Cans and PET

1.- Complete Crown Century can filling line for aluminum beverages cans, 12&16oz
It includes:
- Flo-Mix Proportioner and Carbo-Mix, Mojonnier Model G (mild steel base, not insulated tank)
- Carbo Cooler, Mojonnier Model 14-44 (mild steel base, not insulated tank)
- Bulk depalletizer, Sentry Equipment Inc. (slip sheet removal, manual tier sheet removal, 20' infeed conveyor, 20' discharge bed)
- Empty can table top conveyor (6m long) - discharge of depalletizer to cable conveyor
- Cable conveyor (36m long) - adjustable to run taller 16oz cans
- Can rinser, gravity & water rinse, 12&16oz twists
- Filler, Crown Century, Model Century 72, 72 valves for aluminum beverages cans, 12&16oz change parts
- Seamer, Angelus, Model 121L, Stainless Steel common base with filler
- High Speed Ink Jet Printer, Video jet, Excel 178i, marking bottom of can with date code
- Aluminum beverage stretch wrapper, Orion, MA55-49B, rotary arm wrapper for stable loads
- Valve monitor and sampler, Filtec, Industrial Dynamics, checks fill heights in cans
- Low fill rejector, Filtec, Industrial Dynamics, FT-50
- Full can warmer, Wiebe Manufacturing, Model W-140
- Wrap-around case packer/tray-former loader Douglas, Model M-2142
- Hot-melt material applicator Nordson Problue 10 (mounted on Douglas case packer)
- Cold-glue dispenser Vansco, Model Pro-Series
- Heat shrink aluminum beverage can case wrapper PMI, model CS1-TW-30
- Marsh VJ Patrion Plus - codes the sides of cases with bar code
- 73m of tabletop conveyor, Sentry Equipment Inc. (it includes 4 air knives with blowers)
- 6x20 Bi-Di accumulation table, Sentry Equipment Inc.
- Laser Coder, Video Jet Series VJ Focus S10 - it codes the sides of wrap cases from wrap packer
- 80m of various case conveyor (year 2004)
- Case palletizer Production Automation Inc, model 9300, capable of running fridge packs
- Print and apply code bar labeler ID Technology, model 250, prints label and sticks to front and side of wrapped pallet
- 6m of pallet conveyor - mounted with Orion pallet wrapper

2.- Complete Meyer filling line for 2l PET bottles 60 valves
It includes:
- New York blower, Compact GE PAN
- Quincy air compressor QSI500 ACA 31 EB, with dryer
- Meyer filler, 60 valves positive pulldown, with new lift cylinders, 1 liter pitch
- Alcoa capper 212-8
- Vilter VMC440 NH3 compressor
- Mojonnier Flo-mix proportioner and carbo-mix
- Sentry automatic bulk bottle depalletizer (glass or PET)
- Sig/Alfa Quattro Roll bottle labeler
- Video Jet Excel 170i high-speed ink-jet printer
- International Paper Co caseformer 151
- Hartness International bottle case packer M100
- Elliott Manufacturing Co top-sealer HMT
- Marsh Patrion box coder 4-head system
- Melt-on P-48158 hot melt material applicator
- Sentry High-level case palletizer
- Cousins bottle pallet stretch wrapper
- Conveyors, air-conveyors, case conveyors...

3.- Plant equipment
It includes:
- REM Inc. can crasher. CC5B
- Cram-a-lot Crash compactor SC-TI-10
- (2x) NH3 compressors Vilter VMC 450 XL (4 cylinders, 75 HP motor mounted on common base with compressor above.
- BAC evaporative condenser BCI-100 SN for bottle line in packaging area
- BAC evaporative condenser VC1-N230 for can line in ammonia room, from 2004
- (2x) Mojonnier ammonia receiver, mounted next to evaporative condenser
- Ammonia dispersal tank
- (2x) Toyota forklift 7FGU25, 5000 lb capacity, 48” forks, side shift, to load/unload trucks
- (2x) Mitsubishi pallet jacks PW 23
- (1x) Mitsubishi pallet jack PMWT15N
- Battery charging system
- Quincy air compressor QSI500 ACA 31EB
- Quincy air dryer QIFD 0850
- Wilkerson coalescing air filter
- US Filters skid-mounted Ultra Filtration System 90-00037, from 2004, with codeline membranes
- Western Filter carbon filter, stainless steel, 84x144
- Western Filter polishing filter, stainless steel, 48” tall
- 300 gallon treated water tank
- 12.000 gallon chlorinated water tank with pump
- Mojonnier carbo cooler 202 (used as water chiller) to chill water for bottle line
- Vitter Ammonia compressor 440, 4 cylinder, 40 HP, mounted next to can line palletizer
- BAC evaporative condenser VC1-58 for bottle line, mounted on roof above UF room
- Tomco 50 ton CO2 storage tank, cooling system
- Fowler CO2 vaporizer FCWZ5X8X5CO2, water to CO2 vaporizer
- Fowler CO2 AGC filter COP14000, 3-stage
- (x4) Rytec automatic roll-up doors mounted in various locations in the plant
- Miscellanous video equipment in conference room, screen, TVs
- Plant spare parts for machinery and equipment, new in box. Complete listing available upon request.

4.- Syrup equipment
- (x3) Cherry Burrell sugar silo, 13.500 gallon, UV lights, Side Manway, Side agitation, S/S interior, vertical tank, each tank includes a positive displacement pump
- (x3) 5 HP centrifugal pumps in sugar room
- Two tank CIP (homemade) system
- (x2) Peerless low pressure steam boiler (approx. 1mm BTU) 64-08S, from 2011, Hydrotherm
- ITT Industries heat exchanger (part of CIP system)
- (x2) Cherry Burrell 5.000-gallon vertical batch syrup tank, dome top/dish bottom, top mounted mixer, side manway, sight glass, temp monitor, it includes 5HP centrifugal pump.
- (x2) Cherry Burrell 2.000-gallon horizontal syrup tank, front mixer, S/S construction, it includes 5HP centrifugal pump.
- (x2) Cherry Burrell 1.800-gallon vertical batch syrup tank, dome top/sloped bottom, top mounted mixer, side manway, sight glass, temp monitor, it includes 5HP centrifugal pump.
- (x2) Mulco 735-gallon syrup tank, hinge top, side mixers, it includes 5HP pump.
- Breddo high shear liquefier, with platform, 5HP centrifugal pump, not jacketed, approx. 250 gallons, 2-speed 25HP motor.
- Pre-blend tank, currently not in service and sitting in corner, it includes 3HP pump
- Miscellaneous syrup room equipment: 24-port distribution panel, 1.5” piping (over 75 feet), 4-valve matrix of air operated valves, 6-port distribution panel, (2) Andersen meters, strainers, filters, (2) valves, 13 port panel.
- Thermo CO2 monitor for benzene
- Zero Temp cold concentrate storage room 16x16, which includes evaporative fans to keep room at 43ºF/6ºC, Freon compressor on roof.

5.- Shop equipment
- Cheng Ki Industrial Bridgeport style milling machine CK 1 1/2TM
- Band saw
- Grinder
- Video Jet Spare Coder 170i, for spare parts
- Hydraulic press
- Lincoln arc welder
- Miller MIG welder
- Ideal ARC/TIG welder
- Hobart MIG welder
- Plasma cutter
- Oxy-acetalyne torch

6.- Items stored but not used
- Tonko can warmer 6 x 15, stainless construction, new mat top chain, missing some small parts.
- (x3) TSM solution heaters for parts
- Lighting agitator with drive (never used, in crate)
- (2x) SS Mix Tank 3.000 gallon, horizontal, rectangular, jacketed with mild steel
- Cherry Burrel SS Mix Tank, 3.000 gallon, vertical, single wall, with agitator, no drive
- SS Mix Tank 650 gallon, open top, side agitator, with lid
- SS Mix Tank 300 gallon, dome top with agitator mount
- SS Mix Tank 50 gallon, open top, side agitator mount, with lid
- SS Mix Tank 325 gallon, open top, side agitator, with lid
- Centrifugal pumps, various GPM, 5 ea.
- PD pumps, various GPM, 2 ea.
- PMI Tray shrink-wrapper (bundler) CS1-25 TW, it wraps tall (up to approx. 12 in.) trays with shrink film, missing seal bars
- Century/Alcoa bottle filler/capper 52/13, S/S Construction base, monoblocked Alcoa cap in head capper, it includes change parts, control panel, touch screen controls
- Arpac tray shrinkwrapper (bundler) 105-24, it wraps trays 12oz can trays with shrink film, Allen Bradley PLC
- Muller rotary table pallet wrapper 703, capable of handling tall loads, semiautomatic.
- Miscellaneous conveyor, roller case conveyor with Arpac.

7.- List of furniture, fixtures, computers available upon demand.

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