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AKEI - Lin-70-TS - Used machine - MachinePoint

Használt AKEI - Lin-70-TS - 2005

Extrudálás Fröccsöntés Blow-től akár 10 l AKEI

Adatlap: használt AKEI Lin-70-TS

Ref . : 300035198

Év: 2005

Elhelyezkedés: Europe

márka: AKEI

Állapot: Eladó

Műszaki Adatok:

Number Of Heads: 2

Material Type:PVC

Container Size (Max): 5 l

Number Of Stations: 2

Extruder Type:Continuous

Number Of Extruders: 2

Screw Diameter: 70 mm

L/D: 24

Wall Thickness Control: 100 points

Center Distance: 180 mm

Egyéb adatok:


- Technical parameters

Screw diameter: 70 mm
screw ratio (length / diameter): 24:1 L / D
screw speed (50Hz): 9 ~ 58 rpm
extrusion capacity (PE): 85 kg / h
barrel heating zone: 4-zones
Toggle Stroke: 460 mm
Clamping Stroke: 120 mm × 2
clamping force (160 bar): 12.5 Tons
Dry cycle: 2.8 s
glue embryo thickness control: 100 points
Cooling water consumption: 1.5 ~ 2.5 m ^ 3 / h
of compressed air Dosage: 1.5 ~ 2 m ^ 3/min
Machine weight (approximate): 15 Tons

- Power consumption parameters

inverter motor: 30 kW
screw heating section (PE): 14 kW
hydraulic drive motor: 22 kW
of heating zone: 7.65 ~ 11.4 kW
Max Power Distribution: 73.65 ~ 77.43 kW
average power consumption: 51.55 ~ 54.2 kW

- Product Description

* Control Systems

American brand control system.
15 "color screen display operation.
Closed loop control mode shift action.
Show and modify heating temperature, preheat value, high and low temperature alarms.
Timing can be preset heating.
Show the location and modify all settings, time settings, and operating status, etc.
Apparent mechanical automatic cycle time required.
All actions prevent warning system.
Show all alert information, causes, history, and modify records.
Show external switch 96/96 output input status.
Level password settings.
A 3.5 "floppy disk drive for easy replacement procedures.

* Extrusion head

Nose ring set with 3:00 adjustment cup design.

Up to 10 double coextrusion die.

In addition to static devices rod cylinder.

100 points thickness control, equipped with Italian brand servo cylinder.

* Rack design

Clamping force line in the template to ensure that the average force.
Shift mode and clamping action are in the German brand T-rail linear bearings pan.
Can be equipped with electronic ruler should not touch, low wear rate, to ensure accuracyand extend the productive life of.

* Hair System

All hair Block actions are proportional hydraulic drive with a U.S. brand.
Hair seat with interchangeable T board, 3:00 adjust hair stick, hair oblique angle adjustable.
German brand three-step scale and quick exhaust blowing.

* I material handling systems

Proportional hydraulic valve control all go I expected action.
Products were down more than expected by pre-cooling system.
I expected the cold climate and finished cooling device.

* Product Export System

Robot to take the bottle unit.
The finished upright flat on the conveyor belt.
German and Japanese brand pneumatic control.

* Finished conveyor system

Flat circular conveyor belt products.
Machine at the end Pei outlet conveyor belts transported to scrap machine.

* Aerodynamic configuration

Independent German brand control valve cylinder pressure, vacuum pressure, hair air pressure, air pressure, and I expected cold cold needle pressure.
Fast Li Tude country brand pneumatic control.
Japanese brand pneumatic cylinder.
Three-step scale blowing and exhaust.

* Circuit Configuration

Japanese brand inverter.
American brand continued electrical.

* Hydraulic system

American designer variable hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and accumulators.
Closed-loop proportional hydraulic circulation system.
Equipped with proportional valve, adjustable speed and pressure ratio.

* Lubrication system

American brand controlled lubrication system.

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