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Używana HAMBA III-BK 8009/9AS 1989 na sprzedaż

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Napełnianie i zamykanie pojemników - HAMBA - III-BK 8009/9AS

Dane techniczne maszyny używanej HAMBA III-BK 8009/9AS

Ref.: 300035361

Marka: HAMBA

Rok: 1989

Inne specyfikacje:

Pudding/yogurt Hamba 4oz Cup Filler, Model: III-BK8009/9AS
Fill lanes: 9
Peroxide cleaning (H2O2): Yes
Cup size: 4 oz / 118ml
Filling bowls: 3
Flavors: 3 per cup all lanes.
32 indexes per minute (Index section is 2 cups wide by 9 lanes = 18 cups per 1 index)
The 3 filling bowls allow each lane have more than one flavor in a cup. They'd commonly fill a cup with layers (i.e., chocolate, vanilla and then chocolate).
Products filled: pudding and yogurt.

It includes:
- Control Unit Sanitizer System,
- Air Valves
- Spare parts

In production until January of 2014. Nowadays dismantled and stored.

At additional price: Mondomix VE50 mousse equipment from 2010 which incorporates air bubbles in the product to give it a light and airy texture (it only worked 100 hours).

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