POZZO AP101S del 1995 usata in vendita

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Scheda Tecnica: POZZO AP101S Usata

Rif: 300036274

Anno: 1995

Marca: POZZO

Stato: In vendita

Periodo di consegna: Immediato

Dati Tecnici:

Materiale: All thermoformable materials

Area Formatura (Vxh): 700x500mm

Profondità pos/neg: 280 mm

Tipo Prodotti:Container

Altri Dati:

Film in reel up to 2mm in automatic and plates in format up to 6mm in semi-automatic
all thermoformable materials

Max format: 700x500mm
Min Format: 400x300mm
It is equipped with a cutter
It is suitable for prototyping, small and medium series

Machine for the production of plastic parts such as:
-Light Packaging, blisters
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Food Packaging
Material handling trays
Technical calls and robotics
Display stands
Machines hoods
Skin pack

Film reel holder with shaft and clamping cones
Compensating pawl device providing the required film flow rate for each cycle
Reel brake to prevent unwinding
Reel diameter max : 600mm
Inner core diameter : from 60 to 80mm
Max.reel weight : 80kg
Min width: 330mm
Max width: 530mm
Device for guiding and automatically centering the film by means of a control wheel and by means of two adjustable rollers.
Film clamping frame, useful dimensions: 500 / 700mm
Frame dimensions adjustable by optionally adding a reduction set
Minimum dimensions: 300 / 400mm
Maximum thermoforming height: 280mm in positive and negative
Mold Support Table
Cooling by water circuit
Adjustable spindle stroke to optimize speed and minimize compressed air consumption
Infrared ceramic heating elements with a minimum power of 9.6kW
Electronic thermal control with 3 adjustment zones
Upper plunger cylinders for large depths
2 cooling fans
Automatic bubbling, time and volume adjustment
Sheet holding, volume adjustment
Pneumatic mold release, time and volume adjustment
40m3 / H vacuum pump with tank
Automatic Film Pulling
Cutting of the "step" by shears
Speed ​​adjustment of tabletop, piston
Device for counting parts by automatic stop at the selected value
Plug assist

Altri Dettagli:

Garanzia: Senza garanzia

Operatività: Ferma. Si può vedere in funzionamento con materiale

Disponibilità: Immediato

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