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Used Double-shaft film slitter-rewinders: MANDOTTI M2500/3 of 2009

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Double-shaft film slitter-rewinders - MANDOTTI - M2500/3

Data Sheet of Used MANDOTTI M2500/3

Ref. : 300036304


Year: 2009

Other Specifications:

Technical data:
Film width: 600 mm / without scrap / total width mm 650/
Cutting system: square ended razor knives
Wrapped tubes: 3 "
Cutting width: 50-150 mm
Max mechanical speed: 350 m/min
Max diameter unwinder roll: 900 mm
Power supply 380V 50 Hz 3 phase
Types of material being cut PPL, PVC, tape with glue
Components of the machine:
Double shaft film rewinder type star, two systems of cross cutting with smooth ends of tape, adjustable by meter counter, automatic set and release the rollers on the winding, auto-release shaft system, two scrap rewinders with oscillation sync in with winders speed.
Main engine power 14.3 kW, encoder, control of the tension of film on the winding, taping system of finished roll, touch panel, the different language options. The only manual operation is movement of rolls to and from the warehouse.
Unwinder with a silence-expansion cabin, air shaft for 3 ". Adjustable pressure shaft with measurement of the rollers diameter, film-break sensor with immediate stopping of the machine, sensor of the end of unwinding, brake in proportion to the speed and change the diameter, magnetic brake, Automatic centering of unwind roll.
Automatic loading of cores, model CML 503 for cores 3 ", in line with slitter. The machine is equipped with a fully automatic unloading of the finished rolls and loading of empty cores, working in line with slitter.

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