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Used Cup printing machines: OMSO PRIMAC 155/6 UV of 1999

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Cup printing machines - OMSO - PRIMAC 155/6 UV

Data Sheet of Used OMSO PRIMAC 155/6 UV

Ref. : 300036702

Brand: OMSO

Year: 1999

Other Specifications:

Automatic for Offset printing in up to 6 colours on tapered containers and consisting of the following units:
The base
This supports the units forming the machine and the motors providing the motion to the machine parts. This system includes the slides according to the size of the container to be printed. The parts of such slides, in contact with each other, are made of hardened steel; besides, antifriction bearings are fitted on them.

Drive unit
This is a basic feature of the machine and, therefore, it has been divided into two main parts:
- the first part provides the motion to the turret holding the revolving plate;
- the second drives the battery of rollers.
Both parts are synchronized through an electronic system.
This system is not a technological exercise, as it offers several practical advantages.
The principal one concerns the battery of rollers which is driven through a continuous rotary motion, so as to avoid all normal vibration - typical in rigid mechanical transmissions - arising from the intermittent motion associated with the mandrel revolving plate. This translates ultimately into better printing quality, particularly with halftones.

Turret for mandrel revolving plate
It has 8 mandrels, easily removable and interchangeable.
Vacuum is applied on all mandrels in order to hold the container during transfer from the revolving plate and during other operational stages.
The mandrel revolving plate is provided with 8 stations and is driven through a high-precision indexing device, duly strengthened to suit the higher manufacturing speed of the machine. Additionally, time taken for movement has been partially reduced, allowing longer time for the pre-treatment operation and curing using U.V.
The turret is placed in a fixed position and the instrument group that controls the variation of diameter and taper is mounted on the printing group. Therefore, when changing sizes, it is not necessary to remove the feeding plane and the restacker.

This consists of a motor that provides rotation of the mandrel on which two electrodes are applied.
If the generator for electronic corona treatment is provided with the necessary electronic device for pinhole detection in the containers, these rejects could be automatically ejected prior to final counting and restacking.

Printing unit
As mentioned above, it is operated with its own motor and is fitted on slides to adjust its position in relation to the diameter and taper of the cup.

One of the slides on which the unit is placed, allows it to quickly move away by 160 m/m from the revolving plate, for easier cleaning and replacement of rubber printing blankets.
Printing plate rollers can be removed and inking groups which can be pneumatically lifted for easier cleaning of printing plates.
Each inking group consists of:
- one printing plate roller, which can be slid out to allow precentering of plates outside the
machine, on the optical centering unit
- 2 form rollers of different diameter to guarantee good inking distribution on plates and to
avoid ghosting effects
- 2 steel reciprocating rollers (rislan-coated)
- one rubber idler roller
- one steel idler roller
- one ductor (dab) roller
- one steel fountain roller
Obviously, the controls for pressure of the rollers are micro-adjustable and can be used with machine in operation.
The no-cup-no-print system, should one cup fail to be fed, is fitted on the printing unit slide.

This new, up-to-date design is operated through a single motor with variable speed, that can be programmed relative to the speed of the machine. An electronic-pneumatic system is fitted on each inking group; this allows easy control of the collection of the ink from the ink-fountain into the oscillating rollers, with a metering system adjustable from 0 to 100%.
The same system allows quick self-cleaning of rollers, when changing colour in the inking groups.

U.V. curing system
It consists of a single lamp system with a specific power of 400 watt/cm .
The lamp is air-cooled (the air is blown, not sucked) and It is provided with shutter and a half-power device which actuate when the machine stops running.
The rotation of the mandrel under the lamp is quickly controllable and, if any problems arises, the machine stops automatically. The containers that have not been cured for any reason, are automatically ejected. The device is provided with an ozone suction system.

Feeding and Discharge
The feeding consists of a system made of 3 helical screws, that syncronize the arrival of the containers with that of the mandrels. The whole group can be opened to work more easily on the revolving plate, when mandrels need replacing.
The machine has two discharge stations: one for good containers and the other for cups to be discharged (uncured or perforated cups, etc.).
The containers are simply blown out from the mandrel and only the good ones are brought to the restacking unit.

Electrical system
This consists of a main control cabinet and a push-button panel on the machine.
The control cabinet, fixed to the machine base, contains the power system, speed and program (PLC) regulations, etc.
The control panel is fitted on swiveling arms and can be positioned for easy usage.
In addition to all service controls, the machine is provided with a speed indicator and a diagnostic display panel.
Besides the no-cup-no-print system, the machine is provided with a device for the ejection of the first printed cups after each stop. In order to check the printing quality, it is also possible to fit a device, controlled by the operator, for the ejection of one printed cup.

Max.production speed 25,000 pieces/hour
(depending upon sizes and shape of the

Max. printing length: 400 mm
Max. printing width: 140 mm
Max. diameter of container 130 mm
Min. diameter of container 45 mm
Max. height of container 150 mm
Diameter of printing plate roller 177 mm
Diameter of central roller 354 mm
Taper 0° - 13°
Printing sectors on central roller 2
Number of mandrels 8
Regulation of pressure micrometric
Pressure required for pneumatic system 6/8 atms
Electrical draw (machine only) 17 KW (UV included)
U.V. drying power 6 KW
Max. air consumption 680 litres/m'
Adjustable speed from 0 to max.
Weight 4300 kg approx.

Electronically controlled for the feeding of the stack of cups to the printing machine.
The unit is composed by a plane on which the stacks are placed.
The first stack runs to the feeding system of the printing machine and then another one automatically follows it, as soon as the first one has passed through the electronic check point.


This is completely automatic and electrically controlled.
It transfers a stack of cups from the loading station to the mandrels.
During transfer the stacks are housed within the trays of a chain conveyor.

It is required when:

a) the cups to be printed are made in PE or PP or in any case when materials require
this treatment
b) when curing of the cups is by ultraviolet system

It is provided with:

- generator
- double electrode
- device for spinning the mandrel
- connections

For the final re-stacking and counting of the printed cups.
Re-stacking takes place in horizontal position and cups are counted by number and not by length.
Once the required number is reached, an automatic pneumatic system removes the stacks to the collecting table.

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