JOMAR - BlowStar EBM 2.0D - Used machine - MachinePoint
JOMAR - BlowStar EBM 2.0D - Used machine - MachinePoint
JOMAR - BlowStar EBM 2.0D - Used machine - MachinePoint
JOMAR - BlowStar EBM 2.0D - Used machine - MachinePoint

Used JOMAR BlowStar EBM 2.0D of 2007 for sale

Extrusion Blow Moulding machines up to 2 L JOMAR, You can contact our team and analyze your needs so we can offer you the best possible solution depending on your budget.

Data Sheet of Used JOMAR BlowStar EBM 2.0D

Ref. : 300037704

Year: 2007

Brand: JOMAR

Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Number Of Heads: 5


Container Size (Max): 2 l

Number Of Stations: 2

Output Capacity U/H Or Kg/H:Kg/h 100

Extruder Type:Continuous Grooved

Number Of Extruders: 1

Screw Diameter: 70 mm

L/D: 25

Center Distance: 55 mm

Other Specifications:


1. CD125 Double Head
2. CD55 Five Head

1. Bosch closed loop proportional valves for the carriage stroke and for the opening-closing of the mold plates.
2.Pneumatics/Bosch pneumatics.
3. Parker pistons.
4. Tiebar-less clamp system (allows easy mold change over).
5. Processing HDPE, LDPE,PP, HMWPE, PVC, PC,PETG, etc capability.
6. Single, double, triple head capability.
7. In machine automatic deflashing with cooling station.
8. Machine fully controlled by a microprocessor operating system.
9. Color screen on machine front.
10. Low power consumption.
11. Extruder DC motor drive.
12. Nitrided screw and barrel.
13. Gripper at bottle outlet.
14. Moog valve and piston for the parison thickness control.

* Power supply
Max.installed power : kW 75
Average absorbed power: kW 40
Power supply voltage: Vac 380
Frequency : Hz 50/60

* Extruder motor power at 380 V kW 41
Screw diameter: mm 70
Screw length mm 1750
Heating areas n 4
Max.extruder capacity(HDPE) kg/h 100
Max.extruder capacity(PVC) kg/h 70
Max.extruder capacity(PP) kg/h 70
Extruder screw speed rpm 0-100

* Mould platen dimensions
Length 290 mm
Width 90 mm
Heigth 300 mm
Tickness 30 mm
Opening stroke 150 mm
Carriage stroke 300 mm cycle time(loadless) sec 1,4
Operating pressure bar 130
Set pressure of max.pressure valve bar 150
Hydraulic pump motor absorved power kW 9
Hydraulic pump motor r.p.m. rpm 1500
Tank capacity l 200
Oil type HLP 46 DIN 51524
Max.closing power of mold holder daN 40
Air feeding pressure bar 6-9
Air feeding flow rate l/min 1000

Feeding water input temperature 0C 5-6
Mold cooling(average thermal head) 0C 3
Heat to be cooled down at max.extrusion(HDPE) kJ/h 63,000
Heat to be cooled down at max.extrusion(PP) kJ/h 47,040
Heat to be cooled down at max.extrusion(PVC) kJ/h 29,400
Hydraulic circuit cooling kJ/h 40,000

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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