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Used machine: Other Dairy Machine Type GEA - Niro Atomizer

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Other Dairy Machine Type - GEA - Niro Atomizer

Data Sheet of Used GEA Niro Atomizer

Ref. : 300037978

Brand: GEA

Other Specifications:

COMPLETE POWDER MILK PRODUCTION PLANT for processing of 45.000 -50.000 liters milk per day

Original year not known. Refurbished in 2008.

Products: powered milk, instant milk, powdered whey

Height of the powdered milk production plant - 17 m

Worked 14 h/day, because 2 hours were needed for washing during the process and 2 hours for washing at the end of the day ( depending on the milk quality)
Example: reception 4.700 l/h of skimmed milk can give 427 kg/h powder milk
Example: reception 4.700 l/h of full milk can give 522 kg/h powder milk
Depending on the milk quality, washing during the process, and washing at the end of the day, the plant can work max 20 h/day, if there is enough raw material

The plant consists of:

1. GEA three stage evaporator with capacity of 4 700 l/h with all associated installations and pumps and a steam divider;
2. Atomizer NIRO with instant powder and auxiliary towers, diffuser with a replacement diffuser, cyclones, water and other pumps
3. CIP for whey cristalization tanks (25m3)
4. Whey crystallization tanks – 4 pieces x 6 000 l with heat exchanger APV
5. Ice water system 30m3 with associated installations;
6. Control panel, main electrical board: Siemens S7

The equipment was installed in 2008, when completely new electrical installations, water pumps, pipelines and layer on the atomizer were made. The installed power of the plant is 105kw. Vapor consumption 1 150kg/h 11 bar.

The production stopped in December 2017. The equipment is still installed and could be seen on site.

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