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Saldatrice speciale: L.S. SBR 1000 del 2012 usata

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Saldatrice speciale - L.S. - SBR 1000

Scheda Tecnica: L.S. SBR 1000 Usato

Rif: 300038374

Marca: L.S.

Anno: 2012

Altri Dati:

Flower bag making machine
Bag top max W 1000 mm
Width L 400-1000 mm
Thickness 2x 20my to 2x80 my
Materials: PE, PP, CPP,BOPP
Triangle 1450 mm
Bottom welding

This machine combines profitability with precision film processing. Flower bags manufactured using a
L.S. system combine functionality with decoration, and keep plants both fresh and protected.
Optimized setup times guarantee the utmost in efficiency – even at small batch sizes. User-friendly servo
systems, control options including variable welding times and programmable memory for job-specific
call-off data are further benefits


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