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Used machine: Label Rewinder - FEBA - F400 - Ref. : 300038490

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Label Rewinder - FEBA - F400

Data Sheet of Used FEBA F400

Ref. : 300038490

Brand: FEBA

Year: 2000

Other Specifications:

Lathe Slitting for tapes (includes a second unit as spare from year 2003)

Max Material Width: 1600mm
Max diameter of roll:
200mm with with knife 250mm diameter
400mm with with knife 450mm diameter
Max slitting thickness with knife 250mm diameter: 75mm
Max slitting thickness with knife 450mm diameter: 175mm
Slitting width: 2-1600mm
Slitting tolerancy: +/-0,1
Vacum pump for water

Box with some spares

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