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Used MOSS MO 4063 of 2007 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used MOSS MO 4063

Ref. : 300038709

Brand: MOSS

Year: 2007

Other Specifications:

Model MO 4063
Function: Electromechanical - Electropneumatic
Control: Electronic
Power consumption: 26 kW
Electrical cable connection 5 pole
Required compressed air: 6 bar
Operating pressure compressed air system 6 to 12 bar
Compressed air consumption 800 NL/min
Pnemautic connection: inside D = 9; outside D = 12
Weight 6300 kg
Gas consumption: 375 g /hour
Air consumption burner: 75 NL/min
Liquid gas pressure: 0.8 to 2 bar
Natural gas pressure: 250 mm H2O
Gas connection: pipe UNI CIG 7140 inside D = 8 mm
Operating air pressure for burner: 2 to 3 bar
Motor indexing unit: 3.5 kW
Drive Indexing unit: Lenze
Drive Print head: Inverter

- Vacuum cleaner and electrostatic deaerator: YES
Automatic feeding system for buckets (de-stacker): YES
Automatic horizontal or vertical destacker: YES
Magnetic plate holding cylinders: YES
Expanding mandrels: Holders for oval buckets 3.5 litres, 5 litres, 18 litres
Technical remote support; YES
Connection to the painting machine; NO
UV drying tunnel for elliptical / rectangular containers: YES

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