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Used machine: Independent Rewind Stations Film Slitter-Rewinder - ATLAS - CW1000R - Ref. : 300039203

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Independent Rewind Stations Film Slitter-Rewinder - ATLAS - CW1000R

Data Sheet of Used ATLAS CW1000R

Ref. : 300039203

Brand: ATLAS

Year: 1996

Other Specifications:

Film thickness Maximum 12 to 100 micron
web width Maximum 3100 mm
unwind diameter Maximum 1000 mm
rewind diameter 1000 mm
Slit width range 350 - 1800 mm
Maximum mechanical speed 800 MPM
Number of winding stations 8
Unwind core size 3" and 6"
Web Guide on Unwind station
Trim Rewind Stations

Variable width shaftless type. Driven by D.C. regenerative motor.
Unwind oscillation +/- 100 mm
The razor blades are held in individual holders which are mounted on linear bearings. The holders can accept either conventional razor blades or rotary blades for thicker films
The unwind section has an independent DC motor and drive controller. The transport and slitting sections are driven by a 2nd DC motor and drive controller.
Each rewind station is driven by two 4.5 KW D.C. motor so that slit widths from 350 to 1800 mm (1000 mm diameter) can be achieved.

The machine Model CW-1000R is a pure centre winder with individually controlled rewind stations for each rewound roll. Each station consists of a pair of rewind arms, electrically driven by two electric D.C. motors and a contact roll held between a pair of contact roll arms so that a controlled pressure can be maintained between the contact roll and the film roll.
The unwind roll is centre driven by its own D.C. motor controlled by an Atlas system. The motor accelerates and decelerates a mill roll at low tensions in unison with the slitter drive.
The machine is arranged for the film to pass overhead from the unwind to the slitter, and the emphasis of the complete machine is high utilisation cleanliness and precise winding control.

Each rewound roll is wound on an individual pair of shaftless rewind arms which are mounted on linear bearings fixed to the rewind arm beam.

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