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Used machine: Complete glass filling lines Used KHS HEUFT KETTNER Innofill DRS-ZMS of 2014 for sale

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Complete glass filling lines - KHS HEUFT KETTNER - Innofill DRS-ZMS

Data Sheet of Used KHS HEUFT KETTNER Innofill DRS-ZMS

Ref. : 300039265


Year: 2014

Other Specifications:

Complete KHS Filling line returnable glass

Returnable 60.000bph

(New Glass via Bulk Depal. 45.000bph)

Bottle type:
- 330ml Steinie (d: 70mm / h 174mm)
- 330ml Long Neck (d: 61mm / h 238mm)
- 500ml Long Neck (d: 68,5mm / h 270mm)
- 500ml NRW (d: 67,5mm / h 260mm)

Crown Cork
Returnable Packaging:
20pcs. / 24pcs. / 27pcs. / 30pcs. Crate
Pallet (Full-Good):
EURO 1.200 x 800mm


Wet Part:
Dry Part:
BMS, Bulk Glass De-Palletizer by KHS
HEUFT, Syscona, Vision-Tec

The line includes
Depalletizer (New Glass) Innopal ASN-1N KHS
Depalletizer (Crate) Unipal-108 BPL BMS
Crate Inspection Tailor made for crate orientation VISION-TEC
Unpacker Unpack 103 / AP-T-3200 BMS
Decrowner RK 940 RINK
Bottlewasher Innoclean SE 63/95 31 KHS
Empty Bottle Inspector Spectrum TX HEUFT
Glass Filler Innofill DRS-ZMS 168/24KK/30pi KHS
Auto Foam Cleaning System KHS/Loehrke
Crown Cork Feeding System NSM
Filler Management System Innocheck CUB FMS HX X-Ray KHS
Pasteurizer Innopas PIISC 62 - 195 KHS
Cooling Tower
Labeller Innoket SE2090_BOS_3KL KHS
Fillheight and Label Inspection Innocheck FHK X / ETK KHS
Empty and Full Bottle conveyor Innoline BTR KHS
Remote Diagnostic System ReDis Network KHS
Belt lubrication (WET)
Packer Unipack 103 / EP-T-2400 BMS
Fulll Crate Control Expert VKK SYSCONA
Crate Conveyor BMS
Empty Pallet Pressure Inspection KETTNER
Palletizer (crates) Unipal-108 EPL / 5K30 BMS
Pallet Conveyor BMS/others
Pallet Binder BORNBINDER
Pallet Coder LOGOPACK
Broken Glass removal crusher HEIN
Caustic Control SYSCONA

Line in production till November 2019

In excellent condition!

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