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Použitý Stroj UNION 2016 na prodej

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Záznamový List Použitý Stroj UNION

Ref. : 300040505

Rok: 2016

Značka: UNION

postavení: Na prodej

Dodací lhůta:

Technické Specifikace :


Film Šířka (Max): 550 mm

Tloušťka filmu (Min): 0.3 mm

Tloušťka filmu (Max): 1.2 mm

výstupní kapacita: 250 kg/h

vrstvy: 1


Šroub L / D poměr: 38

Ostatní Specifikace:

Complete extrusion line for the production of PP sheet,
Single screw extruder TR 90 LD 38 without venting installed in 2019. Original screw was 80 mm LD 40:1 (The existing 80 screw & barrel & filter are in good condition and are to be sold with the line)

Hydraulic screen changed 100 mm

Union metering gear-pump

Flat die head L3AS/CR 700 PP, Lips width 700 mm for an useful one of 550 mm. Lips opening from 0,2 to 2,2 mm, by push and pull screw pitch 27.5 mm. Heating device divided into 5 zones with candle heaters of 20 kw, Support trolley with n° 4 sliding wheels, N°2 deckels for width 100 mm., each side.
Temperature control cainet at nº19 zones

Smoothing and cooling calander FC/800 – N. 2 rolls with peripheral cooling system; N° 3 rollers 800 mm width, made in treated steel added with stellite material for 3 mm of thickness and surface hardness 50 HRC, chromed at thickness and mirror polished, internally bushed for thermoregulation fluid transit; upper roller dia. 300 mm, central roller dia. 500 mm and lower roller dia. 300 mm; Device for the cutting of lateral edges with n° 2 knives adjustable on width, complete with clutch system driven by a 0.2 kW motoreducer for the winding of cut scraps; Take-off at two steel rollers with vulcanized rubber covering; rollers opening and closing by means of pneumatic pistons and lever shaft; Take-off rollers driven by 2.5 kW a.c. motor at frequency variation with relative speed reducer in synchronism with calender motor with possibility of pulling range in percentage , Electronic panel for motors driving complete with Simate display and Siemens inverters; Trims winding system

Water cooling station for calender

Cantilever winder at two shafts drive by n°2 independent motors; N° 2 Pneumatic expansion shafts of dia. 150 mm; N° 2 Pistons for rolls extraction; Pull-off over the winder; Electrical cabinet and control instruments.

Availability March 2020

Ostatní Detaily:




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