Used GALILEO MEGA 2010 of 2007 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used GALILEO MEGA 2010

Ref. : 300040772

Year: 2007


Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Web Width: 2020 mm

Maximum Reel Diameter: 1000 mm

Film Speed: 840 m/min

Acceleration/Deceleration Time: 60 s

Diffusion Pumps: 2

Roots Blowers: 3

Other Specifications:

Polyester (PET) 6-60 p
Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) 12-100 p
PVC 20-80 p
Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 25-100 p , 25-100 L.,
CPP 20-80 p

Reels Dimensions
Max. film width:2020 mm
Max. metallising width:2000 mm
Min. metallising width: 1000 mm
Max. diameter:1000 mm
Internal core diameter:152 mm

Deposited material:aluminium
Recommended degree of purity:99,8%
Diameter of the aluminium wire:1,6 mm
Boats number: 23
Boats dimensions: 120x35x10 mm
Boats material:intermetallic sintered
Evaporation rate per source:10 g/min
Max . range of thickness deposited:0,8 - 10 STD

Winding system
Maximum speed: 840 m/min
Minimum speed: 90 m/min
Tension range:3.5-65 kg
Acceleration and deceleration time at max. speed:30 - 60 s
Process drum diameter:500 mm

Pumping system
No. 2 Diffusion pumps - 50000 I/sec No. 1 Roots pump - 13000 m3/h

No. 1 Roots pump - 2400 m3/h
No. 1 Roots pump - 2400 m3/h

No. 1 Cryogenic panel - 200.000 I/sec No. 2 Rotary piston pumps - 505 m3/h

No. 1 Polycold 1100'

No.1 Rotary piston pump - 505 m3/h

Electrical feeding
Tension (+6-10%) as requested
Frequency (±4%) by the Customer
Phase: 3
Wires: 3 + ground
Max. absorbed power (approx.) : 340 kW

Cooling water
Flow rate (approx.) : 600I/min
Inlet temperature: 18+25 °C
Inlet pressure (for free outlet): 3 kg/cm2
Max. heat load to remove: 290 kW

Typical water specifications

Water hardness: 6-8 °D
CO2 content: max 15 mg/I
CI content:max 20 mg/I
Particle size: max 100 p
Particle concentration: max 10 part./cm3
Conductivity: max. 500 pS/cm

Compressed air

Pressure:6-7 kg/cm2
Consumption (average): 0,7 Nm3/h
Peak consumption:50 Ndm3/s

Dew point at working pressure: +2 °C
Particle concentration:max 5 mg/m3
Particle dimensions: max 5 p
Oil content:max 5 mg/m3


Width :9m
Length (with opened carriages): 18.5 m
Height: 3,6 m
Approx. Weight : 40 t

Min. room temperature : 15 °C (70% RH)
Max. room temperature: 35 °C (60% RH)

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown with material

Availability: Immediate

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