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Used Complete PET filling line for sparkling water: PROCOMAC Hal Pet 36.30.6 of 2003

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Complete PET filling line for sparkling water - PROCOMAC - Hal Pet 36.30.6

Data Sheet of Used PROCOMAC Hal Pet 36.30.6

Ref. : 300041286


Year: 2003

Other Specifications:

Procomac Hal Pet 36.30.6 blower, airveyor and monobloc for sparkling water, year 2003

Production: 10.000 litres/hour max

The offer includes :

- Sipa 12/8 linear blowing machine and auxiliary equipment (preform elevator, hopper and aligner)
- Lanfranchi overhead conveyor
- Monobloc Procomac Hal Pet 36.30.6 (rinser, 30-valve filler, capper) - 10.000 litres/hour max
- Six 8-cavity moulds: 2 x 1.25 liters, 2 x 1 liter, 2 x 0.5 liter format with different shapes (each mold costs about €25k new)

Offer does not include :

- Carbonator
- Compressor or chiller

It can be seen in production until the end of December 2020 (to be dismantled on the first week of Jan 2021)
Hours worked: 25,000 (October)
Million bottles: 120 million (October)
The machines are currently equipped with 1881 neck tooling (1810 neck tooling available too)

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