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Used Screen changer for extruders: KREYENBORG K-SWE-200/RS of 1998

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Screen changer for extruders - KREYENBORG - K-SWE-200/RS

Data Sheet of Used KREYENBORG K-SWE-200/RS

Ref. : 300041622


Year: 1998

Other Specifications:

Double-piston backwash screen changer for continuous operation
Normal operation : Two holes in the screen (100 %) in the process
Backwashing : One hole in the screen (50 %) in the process
Screen change : When changing the screen, one of the screen holes (50%) is removed from the process so that one screen hole (50%) remains in operation.

Output of the extruder : 840-1900 kg/h
Screen diameter : 200mm
Screen cm2 : 2x314

K-SWE/RS is suitable for most processes and materials. It can be used in composite, film, tube, plate and pelletizing applications. It can handle processes with a high contamination ratio (recycling) and allows the process to continue without shutting down the system when changing the screen.

Backwash function.
Flow channels optimized by rheological data.
Wear-free metal sealing system: no additional sealing required
Easy integration into line controls.
It includes a complete protection system that offers maximum safety for operators.

Proven spare parts cost reduction thanks to the integrated self-cleaning (backwashing) process that allows the screens to be used over and over again
Fully automated backwashing and ventilation procedure (by SPS) for less operator intervention
Significant reduction of operational costs (screen and labour costs) through the use of up to 100 backwashes

Normal operation
The heated steel housing allows the use of two screen bearing pistons, which contain one screen gap per piston.
The melt flow is subdivided into two flow paths and runs through each of the two screen pockets.

Screen change
The screen bearing piston with the replaceable filter element is removed from the housing so that the screen pack can be removed from the piston and replaced with a new filter element.
When the screen is changed, the screen gap of the other piston remains in the production position, without interrupting the melt flow.
Fifty percent (50%) of the filter area will still be used for filtering.
The special ventilation procedure prevents air from entering the process after the screen has been changed.

If the chosen pressure differential increases due to contamination of the filter screens, the piston automatically moves to the backwash position.
The subsequent process is not adversely affected.
By reversing the flow within the screen changer, the contamination of the screen pack is directed out through a chute.
The screen pack is fixed inside the screen retainer.

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