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Used Filler for pouches: SN SN FS835 of 2015

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Filler for pouches - SN - SN FS835

Data Sheet of Used SN SN FS835

Ref. : 300041721

Brand: SN

Year: 2015

Other Specifications:

Doy Pack line (Stand-Up pouch machine) SN FS835

Year of construction 2015
For drink granulate to prepare Fruit Iso drinks, sport protein, mix made of chocolage and vanila

- Bag filling machine for filling of prefabricated bags (width 200-350mm and height min.120 to max.500mm)
- fill up to 3000g.
with ZIP closure
Spoon dosiage available, mist be insterted into a magazine

- Output up to 4000 bags per shift, approx. 8-10 cycles per minute, including manual final packaging etc.
Mechanical number of cycles at 30-50 cycles. Strongly product dependent.

- Choice of two different auger dosing units
- Gas flushing module
- Inkjet printer for bag marking (MHD and lot number)
- Various products in cartons (AC)
- Belt weigher with discharge available for the filled and closed bags.
- Belt weigher is not a checkweigher, data is not recorded.
- Filling runs over a screw dosing unit
- Cartons are not automatically closed
- Cartons are not automatically glued
- Carton printer is not available

- 2 different dosing screws are available

machine in production and very good conditions

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