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Használt STARLINGER Starex 800S 2014 eladása

Extrudáló sor szalagokhoz (szövött zsák) STARLINGER

A koronavírus kitörése alatt teljes mértékben működőképesek vagyunk.

Adatlap: használt STARLINGER Starex 800S

Ref . : 300042032

Év: 2014


Állapot: Eladó

Szállítási idő: Azonnali

Műszaki Adatok:


Film Szélesség (Max): 800 mm

Denier: 3000


Csavar átmérő: 105 mm

Csavar L / D arány: 30

Fűtési zónák (Extruder): 4

fűtési kapacitás: 37.8 kW

Die Lip Gap: 1 mm

Egyéb adatok:

Tape width:1,8*-5 mm
Tape tension control (electronically) Yes
Tape tension range (electronically controlled):40-500g
Denier range; 400-3000 Den
Tape thickness: Min. 25µm**
Standard tape guide: Slot-type
Special tape guide: 2.5, 3, 5 mm
Winding speed: up to 500 m/min
Traverse length: 200 mm
Vertical arrangement: 6
Winders / frame: 18
Core inside diameter: 38 mm
outside diameter: 42 mm
length; 218mm
Maximum bobbin diameter: 180mm
Connected load per winder; 0,18 kVA
Average power consumption per winder (depending on core diameter, winding ratio and yarn tension): 0,049 kW
Smaller tape widths are possible with specially matched winding ratio: > 20µm upon request > 20um

Detail description:
Operating speed 450 m/min
Die width: 930 mm
Working width 800 m
Die lip aperture 0.1-1 mm
Heating capacity approx. 12 kW
Control zones 4

Granulate feeding and three-component dosing/mixing unit consisting of: vacuum feeder , elliptic dosing unit for continuously dosing and mixing the main material and two additives, each with a capacity of 0.2-9% of the main component

Extruder 105.30D(replacement for standard version extruder 90.30D)
Heating capacity approx. 37,8 KW with 138 kW DC motor. Carbon brush monitoring of the driving motor by pilot lamp and rotary reflection signal.

1 Temperature controlled lock-out device for the main drive motor to protect the extruder, filter and flat die against cold start-up.

Automatic filter system, between the extruder and flat die for filtering out the impurities of the melt, equipped with heating elements. Filter screen feeding is regulated either pressure-dependent (automatic operation) or manually via a temperature and time controlled heating element; with facility for taking up 20 meters of screen band.
Working pressure max. 180 bar depending on raw material to be used.

1 Melt pressure gauge upstream of the filter and combined melt pressure / melt temperature gauge upstream of the flat die with readout on the central control panel of the extruder

Components between extruder and flat die in connection with filter system consisting of:
1 static mixer
1 connecting flange to flat die
1 fixture for flat die
1 Flat die with flexible die lip, adjustable by means of pressure screws, flow channels rheologically optimized, in “coat hanger” shape, including heating, wired ready for connection with reversible die lip

Edge trim recycling for direct return of narrow edge trims of non-stretched film into the extruder, con­sisting of a film cutting unit and a transport system carrying the chips back to the extruder hopper.

Additional film take-off roller with variable drive and pneumatically operated nip roller, for high cutting tensions (on thick films, e.g. required for container tapes), arranged between the water removal system and the slitting unit.

Extended Hot air oven with controlled heating zones circulation fans, air speed up to 20 m/sec. air flow regulation upper part to be raised pneumatically length of heating channel 5,4 m air lock preventing cold air from entering the oven during refeeding of tapes

Stretching section 6 godets incl. protecting cover and hot oil system consisting of 2 standard godets, 2 heated godets, 2 cooling godets, 2 nip rolls, hot oil unit rated 24 kW, including hoses and fittings and thermostatic temperature control, with frequency controlled three-phase drive, rated power 26 kW, and additional frequency controlled three-phase drive, rated 7,1 kW, for in­dividual adjustment of the annealing ratio

Tape extraction – Vacuum system designed as start-up aid and broken tape catcher built as an aspiration system mainly consisting of suction nozzles, feed pipes and a collecting container for waste tapes.

Control cabinets with air conditioning, including the complete wiring within the tape line

1 Mechanical screw extractor

Winding machine stacoFIL 200 XE with 72 heads
Winding machine twinTPAE 200LX with 72 heads
This precision take-up cross-winder is especially designed for winding up flat and fibrillated polyolefine tapes on cylindrical cores. It represents the latest state of the art-developments in winding technology.
Automatic motor switch-off when brake is activated; after 2 seconds when tape is broken (balancer in down position).
Quick-clamping device by an expansion spindle. An ergonomically designed brake lever stops the spindle, interrupts the power supply to the drive motor and releases the core when pushed backward. Released forward it expands the spindle, the core is centered and locked and the drive motor restarted.

Yarn catching device
On tip of the spindle, allows easy and failsafe string-up at high winding speeds. High precision traverse mechanism
Precise transmission ratio is obtained by a reversing scroll shaft driven via inter-changeable gears and timing belts. Computer-calculated curves of the traverse cam provide for extended lifetime of traversing parts and improved bobbin edge stability.
Tape guide
The standard delivery includes a yarn guide with bonded slot-shape ceramic tape guide. With this standard yarn guide, a large area of tape widths can be covered.
In addition there are 3 shoe yarn guides included in the scope of supply

Conversion Line Multikon 55
Including Cold Cutting device
Including Top Feeding sewing head

Max. output - uncoated fabric sacks/min 55 Weight: 60g/m²
10% over lapped
Stitch length: 8.5mm
With/without BOPP film
Without easy open feature
With/without side fold
Max. Output easy open
Stitch length: 7.5mm

Mac. Output with handle applicator 40 bags/min
Weight of (PP multifilament) thread 1000-2175 den
Min. Tensile strength of thread 5 g/den
Bag dimension 1000x500 mm
Weight of (PP multifilament) thread: 1000-2175 den
Min. tensile strength of thread 5g/den

Cutting unit
double flat fabric width 250 – 850mm
length of cut450 – 1390mm
max. roll diameter for unwinder 1500mm

Standard sewing machine
Max. working speed (user adjustable to any level) 4800stitches/min
Recommended working speed 4500stitches/min
Stitch length (factory setting) 8.5mm
Max. stitch length 9 mm

Counting and stacking device
Max. number of bag stacks 10Pcs.
Max. number of bags per stack 100Pcs.

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