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Used Label Stamping machines: SMAG Galaxie of 2008

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Label Stamping machines - SMAG - Galaxie

Data Sheet of Used SMAG Galaxie

Ref. : 300042113

Brand: SMAG

Year: 2008

Other Specifications:

Finishing machine for labels.

- Flat bed reel-to-reel screen printing
- Recapture reels printed by flexo, offset, digital
- In-line processing: stamping, embossing, cutting, slitting, rewinding....

-Razor blade

Maximum web width: 350 mm
Minimum web width: 100 mm
Unwinding diameter: 800 mm
Maximum screen printing size (W x L): 340 * 450 mm
Flat film and embossing maximum format: 450 mm
Flat sheet speed: up to 20/22 m/min
Flat embossing speed: up to 8/10 m/min
Flatbed screen printing speed: up to 8/10 m/min

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