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Używana Linia do compoundingu: MATILA EKA 62 D 2015

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Linia do compoundingu - MATILA - EKA 62 D

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Ref.: 300042530


Rok: 2015

Inne specyfikacje:

Working capacity: 400 kg/h (depending on material and working condition)
Screw diameter & L/D: 62.4 mm, L/D 48
Max screw rpm: 600 rpm
Main drive: AC150HP (110kW)
Screw type: Segment type, flexible combination to accommodate material used
No of barrels: 12 sections

Single station main feeding unit
Type: Single station main feeder
Design of feeding screw: twin spiral screw
Feeding screw: Φ60mm, S45C, tempered, chrome plated
Screw rpm: 10-130 rpm
Drive: AC2HP + gear reducer + inverter control
Feeding ability: 100-400 kg/hr, depending on input material
Connection neck: 1 set

Single station volumetric side feeding unit
Type: Single station side feeder
Design: Twin spiral type screw for powder or pellets
Feeding screw: Φ50mm, S45C, nitrified, HRC 65
Feeding barrel: S45C, nitrified, HRC65
Screw rpm: 10-130rpm
Feeding capacity: <150 kg/h
Connection neck:1set

Vacuum degassing system
Number of units: 2 sets
Type: Water bath type

Hydraulic driven melt filtering system (Screen Changer)
Type: Dual cavity slide plate type
Filtering area: Ellipse Φ63mm each chavity
Accumulator: one set (for fast changing of screen)

Strand type water cooling pelletizing system
Type: Strand type (Spaghetti) with water bath
Extrusion die & material: one set, S45C, nitrified, HRC 65
Dimension of extrusion hole: Φ4 or modified depending on material used
Water cooling tank: stainless steel, with polimer guiding rollers x 4
Water cooling tank dimension: 4000x275x250
Water suction blower: AC2HP high pressure blower
Air/water separation tank: 1 set
Pelletizing machine: AC5HP, inverter control
Rotary cutting knife: Tungsten steel rotary knife
Stationary cutting knife: Tungsten steel stationary knife
Transport method: mechanical air pressure system, adjustable
Pellets dimension 3x3 mm as standard or adjustable
Pellets convey blower: AC3HP, BLA high volume aluminium blower
Storage tank: Φ800mm, stainless steel

Vibration pellets cooling & separation system
Feeding method: connect with pellet collection tank of pelletizing system
Vibrating motor: AC1/2HP x 2
Screen section: stainless steel

Electronic scale
for weighting big bags or pallets 1500 kg, ±0,01 kg

Water chiller
cooling power: 35 kW

Air compression unit
screw type unit

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