Używana NGR S:Gran 105 V HD 2013 na sprzedaż

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Dane techniczne maszyny używanej NGR S:Gran 105 V HD

Ref.: 300042591

Rok: 2013

Marka: NGR

Stan: na sprzedaż

Dostępność: Natychmiastowa

Specyfikacja techniczna:

Średnica Ślimaka: 105 mm

Wydajność: 500 kg/h

L/D Ślimaka: 21

System Odgazowania:Yes

Moc Grzewcza (Wytłaczarka): 23 kW

Typ Głowicy:Water-ring

Przetwarzane Materiały: PS foam and dry solid PE, PP

Ostatnio Przetwarzany Materiał: PS foam and dry solid PE


Inne specyfikacje:

Working hours: 23400h
Sell due to they change they primary product and the machine does not fit to it.
Today the work with production waste.The machine could work with PS foam and dry solid PE, PP too

PS foam, compressed to blocks 380-500 kg/h
PE div.; clean and dry 380-500 kg/h
Moisture: max. 5%; remaining solids contamination: max. 0,2%
The output is for reference only and can only be guaranteed after testing your material in our technical center.
The output of the machine is dependent on the material properties e.g. moisture content, surface printing, bulk weight, melt flow index, contamination and filtration fineness.

Installed power approx.: 319kW
Cooling water demand approx.: 5381/min
Fresh water consumption approx.: 67I/h
Compressed air consumption max.: 1.0001/min

The shown supply figures are just values for the orientation and can differ from the final values after the Machine is rated. These numbers can't be used for projecting.

Conveyor belt incl. metal detector
Length of belt: 7000 mm Width of belt: 900 mm Drive: 1,5 kW
Belt speed: 0,2 m/s
Accuracy of detection: > M6 nut

Cutter-feeder extruder combination S:GRAN 105
Cooled cuttershaft
Hopper capacity: 1,5 m3 [53 IV]
Width of cutter shaft:1025 mm[40,35 inches]
Hydraulic aggregate: 3,5 / 4,5 kW
Screw diameter: 105 mm [4,13 inches]
L/D ratio: 21
Heating capacity: 23 kW
Cutter motor 90 kW

Extruder motor 132 kW
Adjustable speed for extruder screw
Drive motor 132 kW

Modular venting system
Screw diameter: 105 mm [4,13 inches] Screw length: 16 LID
Heating capacity: 23 kW
Vacuum pump VP190
Power: 7,5 kW
Vacuum capacity: 190 m3/h Vacuum pressure: 33 mbar

Closed watercircuit on vacuum system

S-BSC180 Back-flushing screen changer
Fully automatic back-flushing screen changer, controlled by melt pressure, for continuous melt filtration. Screen changing can be done during continuous operation.
Screen size in operation: 2x 245 cm2[2 x 38 inches2]
Screen diameter: 176,3 mm[6,94 inches]
Screens: 2
Heating capacity: 19,2 kW Hydraulic drive: 5,5 kW

Pelletizing unit incl. downstream equipment
The water-ring die-face pelletizer with feeding unit and the centrifuge are made of stainless steel, equipped with water filtration and water recycling tank. Wear resistant die with adjustable knife pressure and infinitely variable pelletizing speed.
Motor of pelletizer: 1,5 kW No. of blades: 3
Motor of centrifuge: 4 kW Water pump: 3 kW
Heating capacity: 3,5 kW

Automatic adjustment of speed of pelletizing unit

Additional die plate for PP
Second die plate for PP+PE
(two die plates)

Cyclone Silo Combination for pellets
The pellets are transported via an air fan into a cyclone for drying and from there the pellets go into a storage silo of
approx. 0,8 m3 [28 ft'] volume. From the storage silo the
pellets can be filled into a big bag or an octabin via a manual slider.
Air fan:1,5 kW
Length of pipe work: 10 m[33 ft]
Diameter of pipe work: 160 mm[6,3 inches]

one spare screw available

Pozostałe dane:

Gwarancja: Bez gwarancji

Kondycja: Maszyna obecnie pracuje

Dostępność: Natychmiastowa

Voltage: 319 Kw

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